Rinse, No Repeat – Part 3

I was really hoping that we would thrash Burton on Tuesday, everyone would be talking play offs again and this mini-series would become redundant. Alas dear readers, the mood remains one of sombre consignment to another season slugging it out in the Championship and the answer to the great conundrum “how the fuck do DCFC get out this league” remains as far away as it ever has.

Anyway, back on topic, let’s have a look at the striking department and point a few in the general direction of the departure lounge whilst we are at it.

Chris Martin – With a golden opportunity to get top dollar for ‘Chrissy’ passed up and the utter farce of our attempts to bully him back from Fulham now done, CM9 will be back at Derby this summer. If you read our stuff regularly, you will know I was one who didn’t want him back. No doubt he is a 20 goal man at this level, which has massive merit. But will Derby be able to win the key games with him up top on his own in this formation? If we could find a way to team him up with Vyds, Bent or Nuge, then that could be an interesting twist. I would still love to Rinse for £9m but Steve has already made the decision, so let’s hope he comes back fit and firing – KEEP


Reports Vydra was super sharp at Watford may have been overstated.

Matej Vydra – I have written in the recent barometer that Vyds is a massive victim of circumstance. That said, for the money paid you would have expected to see a lot more than we have. It would be great to see him up top with Martin or Nugent, but I fear that Mac doesn’t fancy him at all and he certainly doesn’t seem to fit “the Derby Way” formation. How we recoup on him will be Sam Rush’s biggest challenge yet, but I’m afraid we just need to move on – RINSE

Tom Ince – After an absolutely miserable start under Pearson, Tom has been a man reborn under Steve and is very much in the running for player of the year. Like Baird, another one who the crowd aren’t slow to turn on when the chips are down but no-one can deny his form and goal scoring this season; his noticeable new found work rate is also worth a mention. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if someone bid big money for him this summer but failing that, it’s a definite – KEEP

Darren Bent – Another having a cracking season and reborn under Mac. Scoring from all angles with all parts of his body, he was nailed on to leave this summer but it now appears we might have taken up an option to keep him a further year. If he keeps up this form, then fair play – KEEP


“…and the first lot on the DCFC shopping channel is an unused, as new, £3m striker, yours for £500k..”

Nick Blackman – Clearly a nice guy who just can’t be as bad as he appears to be, but the fact remains Blackman is one of the worst signings Derby have ever made in my lifetime. I don’t buy the story he’s never had a chance in his natural position. He’s had loads of chances in the middle and wide and he’s been consistently dogshit. Get him gone – RINSE

David Nugent – Top player but strange signing. Not really had a run yet and I wonder if he was signed to replace Bent next season prior to Benty going goal crazy? He’s here next season regardless – KEEP

Johnny Russell – You can’t knock his work rate or commitment to the cause, but then Tito Villa was committed and he was wank. JR has had some brilliant moments at Derby and will always get a good reception but the fact remains, like Jamie Ward, he isn’t quite good enough for the top 6 of this league. Thanks for the good times JR but it’s time to move on RINSE

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  1. Brilliant articles, generally what I guess most of us have been feeling more and more strongly since this time last season.
    Next question – who are the replacements? Far to early to think of names but I’d like to believe the club had a strategy. Each time we are told that the only way to be sustainable is to develop young players, improve the training facilities etc. etc. they immediately rush out and spend obscene amounts on more mediocrities.
    The (rough) average cost of the players on your Keep list was £1 million, for those on the Rinse list it was £2.7 million.

    • Thanks Pete. As per my subsequent plan article I think we need to focus on young players under 24 and build a solid base for years to come. Dortmund realised they can’t compete with Bayern in the market so purchased the best 6 young players in Europe they could find, now look at them.

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