Post Match Bullets – West Brom

I went to West Brom yesterday with little or no expectation, knowing that I was going to have a few beers, a top laugh with family and friends and hopeful that my team could put up a fight, maybe score a goal and anything else was a bonus. A bit like going to watch Derbyshire Cricket if you get involved in that.

What happened was a new entry into the top 5 away days that I have been to ever. Here’s my thoughts on an absolutely tremendous day for DCFC and all involved.

Derby’s team selection was pretty much as had been suggested pre-match with the only minor surprise being a run out for Shacks instead of Alex Pearce. West Brom however I think surprised everyone by pretty much playing their full-strength team with the possible exception of Chadli (who came on with about 20 to go). So, make no mistake this was a monumental effort.ince-west-brom

Debutant Julien De Sart looks a class act. Great positional sense, tidy passing and a great habit of getting his foot and head in when the opposition are looking menacing. The duel “ratting” from him and Bryson was superb and one ball he arrowed out to Camara, simultaneously taking out their full back was exceptional. Early signs are that he could be another of Steve’s quality loans.

A lot of Rams fans were getting frustrated with the playing out as WBA had clearly done their homework. Carson nearly gave one away to Rondon early and then Keogh did give one away to Philips. To my mind this is the way we play and that’s it. Yes, we should have been sharper but what’s the point lumping the ball to Bent surrounded by Ollsson, McAauly, Dawson and Yacob? That said, you really need to see Keoghs clearance from Rondon to believe it – with the ball arrowing in to the corner the skipper literally appears from nowhere to slide tackle it away – unbelievable.

Our goals you have no doubt seen by now. Two brilliant strikes right in front of the Rams fans, causing outright delirium on both occasions. These sorts of moments are what you go to football for. Good times!

It was great to see Camara get a full game and he surely now needs to get a chance in the team. When the ball goes to him you get a genuine buzz of excitement we’ve not had since Jordan Ibe left us. Him and Ince put a massive shift in and caused havoc all afternoon. It would be a travesty if we sold him back to France and paid £4-£5m for a new winger without giving him a go.

On a similar note, the team looked so much better without Butterfield and JR. Both players have their merits but the mobility of De Sart and Bryson and the raw pace of Camara was a massive upgrade.

There were lots of good shouts for MOM but I think Shackell probably shaded it. The amount of quality crosses into our box from open play and dead balls was ridiculous and Shacks seemed to be on the end of most of them. To play like that, under such pressure having been out the side for so long was incredible. Fair play to him and it’s now a tough call for Steve on Friday at Leeds.

What a win, what a day, get in you Super Rams!


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  1. Michael Moran

    Great blog.

  2. One of the best away days I ve been to in recent times and I’ve been to a few over the years. ..went with the hope we wouldn’t get slaughtered a la Norwich. That magnificent Keogh clearance gave hope it might be our day. I agree it was pointless Carson just lumping it up in hope of finding Bent. ..Olson is a beast of a defender. ..but if we gonna play it out of the 18yrd box…we have to be sharper and quicker at getting the ball out to midfield and not messing about with it. We didn’t learn from the first mistake and it was rince and repeat until WBA scored.
    However, WBA didn’t press home the advantage as much as I thought they would. Derby equalised with that quality Bent strike. At this point I still thought WBA would still go for it but they seemed co tent to hold Derby. I still expected WBA to go on & win 2-1 or 3-1. Still celebrating and Ince pops up with that amazing free kick.Never felt so nervous leading a game when expectation and hope raised a level above. Only at 2-1 down did WBA really go for it. Last 5 mins and all those corners and crosses were torture….could hardly watch at times.

    Still …a great win,a great day out and an entertaining train journey back standing with large number of Geordies back from Brum! And a few bemused / jolly officers of the law.

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