Nasty Boys

Happy new year to all Rams fans and especially those of you who continue to read our stuff. Apologies updates have been thin for the last few weeks due to technology issues, but these have now been sorted.

For as long as I can remember, it has been a common mantra of Rams fans that we are “too nice”.  With the first round of the January transfer window having us linked with two, in my view, unsavoury characters, this could soon change.

Here’s our view on the Lansbury & Martin situations.

Let’s start with the Forest skipper, labelled not much more than a month ago, “a hideous cheating cunt” by me on twitter. The Rams went early with a £2.5m bid which was never likely to be accepted and it seems now Villa are predictably involved.



Regardless of your view of his character, there is no doubt Lansbury is a proven and quality player at this level. There’s also no doubt that a midfield three of Hughes, Lansbury and Johnson would be a match for anyone in this league and significantly better than most. I think we can assume Lansbury will have no loyalty to Forest at all, but the clear massive issue for us is the political embarrassment of the Red Dogs selling their skipper to DCFC.

Questions that will dictate the outcome of this one are what is the status of the Forest takeover and who is calling the shots? Does Lansbury have local ties that he won’t want to break such as kids schooling, wife’s job etc.

Villa will more than match any financial package from us and politically it’s no issue to Fawaz. Thus, I think the only way we can pull this one off is if Lansbury himself fancies Derby, exercises some player power and makes it happen. Which brings me nicely onto the second part of the piece.

Whatever you think of Chris Martin’s value to DCFC, Nigel Pearson’s decision to ditch him or the bizarre £3m loan with £6m buy option, any player who refuses to play for his team is a disgrace.

With Chris refusing to play, Steve openly saying he wants him back and Derby allegedly offering a new contract, the whole thing stinks and does not reflect well on our club.


Double Awkward

Jokanovic is well within his rights to stand his ground but it remains to be seen how hardball Fulham will stand when the next instalment on their loan fee is due. The smart money you have to say is probably on CM9 returning to Derby in the not too distant.

Aside from the questionable conduct my issue here is that £9m was way OTT for Martin and we will never get anything like that price for him again. My second issue is that I believed Martin’s time was up at DCFC. Whilst there is no doubt he was a tremendous player for 3 seasons, we were far too reliant on him and predictably easy to stop in the key games. I was genuinely excited for us to sign a more mobile striker capable of leading our line with a bit more pace and agility but I doubt that will happen now.

Don’t get me wrong I would love him to come back and lead us to glory or perhaps there is a secret plan to team him up with Vydra (I could get excited by that to be fair). However right here, right now, I’m not convinced.

It will certainly be interesting to see how both situations play out in the coming days and weeks.


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