Post Match Bullets – Hull City Play Off

If my relationship with my football club was with a person, Derby County would be branded “a monster” and be banged up for 10 years minimum for the mental torment they have put me (and thousands of other Rams fans) through in the last 3 years.

This season’s catalogue of bad decisions and general suicidal tendencies came home to roost big time in yesterday’s humiliating defeat to Hull.

There’s plenty of time for the “where did it all go wrong”, “what should we do next” “10 reasons to be positive” (LOL) stuff over the coming weeks. But for starters here’s my take on yesterday.

  • Hull are completely set up to sit and counter, so the first goal is absolutely key against them. When they have to chase the game they simply don’t have the guile or legs to do it and you can kill them as they lumber around trying. If you give them that goal and another, as we did yesterday, then you have a giant brick wall to run into which is going to be very tough to break – especially with one striker!
  • It wasn’t lost on me that all 3 Hull goals came from unforced schoolboy errors from our big three summer signings. Johnson gives the ball away under no pressure for goal 1, Shackell turns his back for goal 2 and Ince can’t even beat the first man on his corner for goal 3. All things you would tell kids off for on a Sunday morning (and then go and tweet some shite about ‘development’ & ‘grassroots’ but that’s a different argument). £15m worth of players right there.
  • To my mind the inexplicable, naïve and insane decision to appoint Wassall reached its inevitable catastrophic conclusion yesterday. I am sure his training plans are awesome and he didn’t make the errors for the two goals but, exactly as per Rotherham, when shit started going against us he was lost and did nothing. From a technical level, why not
    wassall and short

    “where were you?” “that was your man”, “no, you called”, “it wasn’t my fault”, “I don’t know what happened” “I thought you had it covered” Just like old times.

    take off a defender, put Butterfield centre back, get Bent up top and move Hughesey forward. Hull weren’t going to put us under any pressure and we could play out quickly and with more quality. From a non-technical angle, why not just “have a go”. Not changing shape and/or brining Bent on until 85 minutes was pathetic, sending our attacks crashing into their back 9 time and again. A bit like soldiers in World War 1 running into machine guns and the generals saying “let’s go again”. Hopefully yesterday finally did for him, but don’t rule out a positive “spin” on a battling 1-0 or 2-1 win on Tuesday bringing him back in the running.
  • The players also have to take responsibility for such an abject showing and many of them simply disappeared after Hull’s goal, including heroes from recent weeks Bryson and Russell. I could moan here about the exclusion of Weimann (whose injection of pace made a difference in a big game only 2 weeks ago) but he probably wouldn’t have come on anyway and in fairness to Wassall we do simply have too many players.
  • Did you notice Wassall tell Carson he couldn’t go up for the last corner? Probably just in case we got caught on the break and the tie got killed.
  • I tweeted yesterday but am going to put it here again. As much as I love him, the Chris Martin era has to end this summer. It cannot be right that a team’s pattern of play is so reliant on one player. When he plays well, we play well, when he gets dominated we lose. That cannot continue. I would sign Bamford (stock much lower now and probably available for a sensible fee) in a heartbeat and start from there.
  • Finally I hope that wasn’t the last time I see Will Hughes in a Derby shirt at the Ipro, but I fear it might be. This Derby side needs ripping up and re-inventing and it probably is now the right time for him to try and push on. He’s in a different galaxy to someone like Hundredstone and I look forward to seeing him prove it in the Premier league next season, it’s just such a shame it’s not with Derby.

At least it looks like this horror show of a season ends on Tuesday, so let’s see what happens from there. Chin up everybody.

Come on you Rams!


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  1. Couldn’t agree more about Wass. If employing an inexperienced Clement was a risk, sacking him after a blip would only make sense if you had a Nigel Pearson a Redknapp or even Warnock lined up. Wass seemed out of his depth to the point where Morris (more likely Rush) employed Redknapp to help him. In what other business would you employ a inexperienced lad to do a job and then have to employ a more experienced guy to help him and think this is a good idea!
    In no way have I seen any progress since Christmas. Derby have not come close to some of the exciting and genuinely good football under Stevie Mac (minus the end of last season).
    And if we were ever going to have a great chance of going up it was this season. Automatically if we had decent management and then with Brighton, Sheff Wed and Hull teams in the playoff I’m convinced are all beatable. Think of our Play off final
    Losing team 2 years ago against any of these.
    The worst thing for me yesterday was how average Hull were and how clear it was that we were no better.
    Maybe this is a blessing. My dad said yesterday that If we went up with this many average players we could be in serious danger of beating our own shameful record.
    If we hold onto Hughes it would be a miracle.
    Put we have the best player I be division if we can keep him. Fingers crossed.

    Final point – Hulls keeper was almost embarrassingly bad for a Chanpionship 2nd choice. Forget shooting (as we all know about the 80th minute) but Martin didn’t even chase down back passes etc. And In the second half it was clear that the wide players had not been instructed to sling the ball in and test him. Naive management. Beyond frustrating.

  2. SteveMiitch

    As ever a thought provoking piece. We really are at a crossroads now, I think. But to quote Cleese – “It’s not the despair…it’s the hope” and I still, despite yesterday’s abject performance, harbour fantasies of an heroic turnaround on Tuesday. If we can just get an early goal, they wobble, we get a second in the 42nd and get in at halftime at 2 – 0 up… You know the stuff.

    But in any case, I would much rather us go for it from the start, really tear into them from the off… even if that might mean us losing 3 – 0 or worse. The players owe us and themselves a BIG performance… they are surely playing for their futures at the club.

    And of course, the downside of all of this fantasising becoming a reality – even a heroic 3 – 1 victory when we crash out all the same – is the Wassell gets the job. (I am still baffled by the Clement decision – does anyone know what really happened there??)

    Perhaps I have yet to sober up this morning, but what stimulates this fantasy into becoming a dream and then a reality is that we surely can’t play that badly again. But I know that we can.

  3. Some great points made but little criticism of those at the very top. We have a fanboy chairman who thinks he’s a manager and appoints a yes man who won’t stand up against him and a chief executive who thinks he’s some kind of ‘Peter Taylor’ spotter of football talent.
    Wassall has come in for some deserved and undeserved stick but leadership starts with the custodians of the club and those two seem to have little direction or vision.

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