Everything You’ve Come To Not Expect

Friends, it’s been a while. Nothing sinister outside of being busy with work, having no enthusiasm to write about DCFC  and finding it hard to think of anything to say that everyone else wasn’t already saying and thinking.

That said, a Rams brain dump is long overdue so here goes a quick stream of DCFC consciousness.

I have no idea where the unexpected rout (favourite phrase of the Spacerams) against Hull and the associated Champagne Supernova football (another one) came from, but it has totally changed everything at exactly the right time. I guess we hinted at it a bit at Rotherham but the toothless showing at Cardiff gave no clue that this type of performance was coming. The cynic in me says it coincided with the return of Redknapp from Jordan, but that’s would be very harsh on Wassall.

The subsequent routine caning of Bolton was almost taken for granted. However had we this level of drive and confidence against MKD, Preston, Reading etc, not to mention pretty much any away game since Christmas, where would we be now?


He’s back, he’s fit. he’s firing and its fucking awesome.


To my mind Bryson and JR are the heart and soul of this team and the centre piece of this (mini) revival. Aside from being absolute quality, both these players are 120% ers who have no baggage and are unconditionally loved by the fans. Bryson’s humble, honest apology after Rotherham was incomparable to the interview minutes earlier with our head coach. I have written many times on this site about the fans having no one at the club to believe in anymore. However you only have to listen to how often you currently hear Bryson’s song at every game, to see that situation has changed. He should be captain in my view.

I was personally delighted to see Bradley Johnson storm back to form. He has been poor for a few months and should have been rested, but in truth he has been no worse than many others (that’s you Shackell). No one cared about his fee when he was bossing the midfield before Christmas (“the type of player Derby have been missing for years”) yet this has been a constant theme in recent months (“worst signing ever”). Let’s hope he’s not out for too long and can keep up his form from Hull.

Wassall has clearly been doing extra hours in his media training and thankfully has started to show a bit of humility at last. Understandably his tenure becomes less of an issue when we are winning. That said, regardless of how this season ends up, I would be astonished to see him anywhere near our first team next season. If we stay down, like it or not, I am sure it will be Rowett. If we go up, we can pretty much take our pick outside of the elite, so it would be madness to stick with Darren. I have heard he doesn’t want it anyway, but we will see.

When QPR beat us at Wembley they had spent the most money in the league, had an awful bad tempered season yet still went up. West Hams promotion year under big Sam was very similar. A lavish squad, a poor season with constant fan abuse of the team and manager, yet somehow they went up in the play offs. Could the Rams do the same?

Charlton on Saturday is the acid test of if we really are on the march or not. However whilst we are all talking about who we would like to meet in the play offs, rest assured nobody is going to want to play us on this form.

Come on you Rams!


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