Close To The Edge

One of the main criticisms of this blog over the years is that it is too positive and looks at all things DCFC through a black and white coloured Kaleidoscope of awesomeness.

Let me say right now, I would like nothing better than to be writing a piece about how we are nailed on for promotion, a comedy piece relating Rams players to Shed 7 B-sides or even a classic Barometer (don’t currently have 5 positives). However with the current situation at our club getting more farcical by the day and impending disaster at Rotherham and, god forbid, the next home game entirely possible, I need to get some things out there.

As per my last piece, although harsh, I had no problem with the axing of Clement based on the assumption that Mel had a ready made promotion specialist waiting in the wings to take us forward. Now it is clear he wasn’t putting up a smokescreen with “Wassall until the end of the season”, that decision seems as crazy to Rams fans as it did to the football world at large at the time.

Six games in, if it wasn’t clear enough already, it is obvious Wassall is way out of his depth. I’ve heard it said his record in the first 6 games is better than Clements. However with by far the best squad in the league and a dream fixture list, I am convinced that any experienced manager who knows his way around the Championship would have won an absolute minimum of 4 of these games and would probably have lost none of them.

The fact that Academy Daz lost the fans with patronising nonsense after the MKD fiasco and then followed it up with inappropriate bombast and a total lack of humility after Brentford didn’t help.

I keep hearing rubbish about the players being given more freedom and getting back to enjoying playing. What a load of absolute tosh. What do they do in training? Crossbar challenge and 5 a-side tournaments? Say what you like about Clements football but the Rams were solid and organised. Now we look tactically inept and surprised by everything the opposition do. Witness Paul Lambert and Kenny Jacket tactically taking Wass to the cleaners and brace yourself for Warnock doing similar on Saturday.

My twitter followers will know I am no fan of our interim head coach. However in Wassall’s defence, it is not his fault he is in the position he is in. Would Ferrari spend millions on a new car, fall out with their driver and promote one of the fitters to drive in F1? I don’t think so. Also look at Wassall’s competitors – Dyche (promoted before), Bruce (promoted before), Hughton (promoted before) and Karanka (managed in top 6 for 3 years and ex Real Madrid). Would anyone’s Academy manager be able to out manoeuvre any of those guys? No.

The fact that the Championship was (and is) so clearly there for the taking this season makes the whole situation even tougher to comprehend.

Last week I explicitly asked Steve Nicholson if he was aware of any process ongoing for a new Rams manager. He said “No its Wassall’s to win or lose I understand”. If we lose Saturday can we accept he’s lost it and do something before Forest?

I don’t mind Derby being shit. In some ways I actually enjoy the black humour of it, particularly at away games where there is no expectation aside from having a good day out. However the current detachment I feel about the club and a complete lack of understanding of what we are and what we are trying to achieve is a new feeling I don’t like at all. What I like even less is I can’t even see where the current situation is going to end.

With a massive support heading to Rotherham Saturday and Forest to follow, defeat in either of those games will surely push even the most loyal Rams fan over the edge.

In the interests of ending a miserable piece on a positive, fast forward to a happier day some time in the future. DCFC have appointed a new full time experienced manager, me and SSpaceram have prepared a celebratory dance……..check it.

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  1. Spot on – Love the Ferrari comparison

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