Crisis, Meltdown, Wobble, Blip

Isn’t it great when the big boys fuck up. We’ve all laughed our arse off at Chelsea’s fiasco of a season, drank in the misery of Man Utd’s laughable transfers and tedious losing football and tell me you don’t love it when Man City get ritually humiliated in the Champions league.

Yes it’s great when the big boys get shafted. Unless of course you support the said big boy in question.

A sloppy draw at Leeds and defeat at Middlesbrough was annoying but by no means the end of the world. However with back to back horror show performances at the Ipro coupled with the resurgence of Burnley and Hull (who by the way got a 9 (nine) goal jump on us yesterday), there is now some genuine concern arising from the Rams faithful.

Firstly I do agree with Clement that you don’t become a bad team overnight and there has been plenty of evidence this season to suggest the Rans are more than capable of going on another run , similar to the one that made our slow start a bad memory. However it seems there is some sorting out to do.

I tweeted today, that Clement had said these two team selections were his biggest of the season and that in my view he got them wrong. I can understand him throwing Blackman in against Reading, his former club, but not at the expense of the shape of the team. We talk a lot about Plan B, but that should be when Plan A isn’t working not to replace it.

weimann, clement

“This is brilliant, that’ll teach the boss to drop me”

I would have benched him for Birmingham and got him fired up to be an impact sub. Weimann as an ex Villa player would have been ideal. Blackman can’t be as bad as he has looked in these two games but in not removing him at any stage we now have our new big name striker already being labelled a a cross between Nathan Tyson and Leon Best. Not a great start for him.

If that was a bad shout, then the decision to drop Jacob Butterfield on Saturday was catastrophic. In the absence of Hughes, Jacob is by far the best creative footballer in our ranks and has to play at Home (I would argue away too but sometimes its horses for courses). Hendrick was largely anonymous, as he generally is nowadays, and there was no balance at all to our play with him alongside the desperately out of form Bradley Johnson. You would like to think Thorne and Ince both had knocks as that’s the only reason I can think of to explain the, on the face of it, inexplicable choice to remove those two from the action.

Off the field things aren’t much better. Fan meltdown online and on the radio is standard to performances like this, but the media at large have lapped up the story of Mel going in the changing room (even Clinton Morrison was having a pop on channel 5 last night – WTF?) There are also fairly widespread rumours of a Hendrick transfer request and strong Sunderland interest in Martin. No wonder we’ve employed a new PR guy, although his Wiki is interesting to say the least.

For the record I expect Bent to leave on loan and at least one sale this month. FFP has to be balanced at some stage.

So what next? Well just an easy TV trip to Burnley where arch DCFC troll, Sean Dyche. will be frothing at the mouth at the thought of heaping more misery on the stuttering Rams.

Hopefully Carson will be fit and I would also restore Baird at least for this game. Camara should start instead of JR and Chris Martin should lead a classic 4-1-2-2-1. It should be a given that Butterfield must also play.

This has been an awful week for sure and it’s clearly tough to take with everyone queueing up to laugh as the big spenders fuck up. But let’s keep the faith, keep context and go again. Come on, this is Derby County, you didn’t think it was going to be easy did you?

Come on you Super Rams!


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  1. On the face of it, yeah, Clement picked the wrong teams, and made bad subs this last few weeks. He has to sort it out. Underneath that though, the abject lack of backbone we’ve showed this week has been astonishing from the context of the organised, gutsy team we looked a month ago. The much vaunted togetherness and commitment of the squad seems to have evaporated. Silver lining – Camara looks a player to me on the basis of the two cameos.

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