16th – The January Transfer Window

I trust everyone is suitably beaming from last nights destruction of Bristol City? However behind todays window is the infamous January transfer window.

Recent Rams history is littered with January window disasters where we have gone big or not gone at all, much to everyone’s frustration. So what’s in store this time?

With our new found spending power and our investment in the summer, of course the rumour mill is having a field day. Links to Marcus Olsson and Antonio look more believable than links to Austin and Rhodes but don’t be surprised to see more links emerge over the coming weeks.

I said a few days ago that, regardless of how much Clement talks up Max Lowe, I think a left back is a certainty and another wide man is probably not far behind.

As great as a big name striker would be, we aren’t going to pay top dollar for a reserve or to replace one of our best players. We also aren’t going to fundamentally (added that word in after last nigtht!) change a formation that has served us so well (and is so suited to 90% of our squad). I think more realistic for the striking department maybe a high class loan similar to Bamford or Bent.

What might change the dynamic is any outgoings. The Rams certainly won’t sell anyone they don’t want to, but you only have to glance through my nowhere men article the other day to see there are plenty who will be asking their agent to find them some football. Even someone like Baird might be asking some questions with the Euros on the horizon.

Whilst we are constantly told there is no issue with FFP (staged payments being our way of spending around it), you have to think something has to give soon. Thus don’t be surprised to see any serious bid for Hendrick get some consideration.

When we went up with Billy Davies we signed a large amount of players in January and it nearly ruined us (Tyrone Mears anyone?). Last year we did similar, with many more misses than hits and absolutely no balance to what we were doing.

So in summary, what we would like to see this time is some middle ground, some quality not quantity and, of course, at least one big ticket signing to get us all excited!

You're just a shit Cyrus Christie......

You’re just a shit Cyrus Christie……

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