15th – Fawaz Al Hasawi

No Ramspace campaign would be complete without some fun at the expense of our friends and neighbours Notts Forest.

This piece focuses on a man more popular with Derby fans than the majority of the chairman who have held the office at our own club. Please be upstanding for Mr Fawaz Al Hasawi.

Let me start by saying I think Fawaz is actually a genuine guy who really is trying his best for Forest. I don’t think there has ever been any hint of some of the despicable things we have seen from foreign investors at Leeds, Cardiff and Man Utd to name just three. The issue is the guy is just so utterly clueless and devoid of any idea of how to run a football club (or business) in the UK it’s amazing.

The list of cock ups perpetrated by the hapless air-con salesman is almost endless, but let’s just re-live a few for giggles :-

The Managers – He hires and fires them on a personal whim (with advice from god knows where) or based on fan pressure (see Billy strike 2 and Psycho). The only thing consistent here is that they are all shit.

The Bills – I guess I need to be careful here so I better not reference one of the many stories and rumours well known to Rams and Forest fans alike. However there’s enough in the public domain to suggest that paying people might be a problem for our hero.

Transfers – Where do you start with this? Players parachuted in from Kuwait, Players sold under the manager’s nose, The George Boyd fiasco, loan signings failing due to “technical” issues, embargos etc etc

PR – Fawaz Twitter and Instagram are legendary. In fairness the guy gets fearful abuse off Derby and Forest fans alike. That said, you literally couldn’t make up A) posing with a picture of a dead Ram you just shot B) Doing it in the same week of the Cecil the Lion outrage.

Aside from the obvious, the thing I love best about Fawaz is that every so often Forest have a little burst of success, or do something a bit positive (most recently beating DCFC!), which gets him back in the good books long enough to avoid a full on fan revolt and let the madness continue.  So basically you get the perfect storm scenario where he is NEVER going to leave and he is NEVER going to succeed.

In simple terms Forest fans, you’re fucked. Happy Christmas!

"I swear I did not do it on purpose. I like fishing and hunting. It had nothing to do with Derby County or any other team."

“I swear I did not do it on purpose. I like fishing and hunting. It had nothing to do with Derby County or any other team.”

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  1. Fella, I am massively enjoying these posts. Everyday I’m getting a little festive cheer and a wry, dry and thoroughly entertaining little observations on life, the universe and the Rams. Thought I’d drop you a note to let you know that your efforts are hugely appreciated.

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