13th – Brighton Post Match Bullets

As its exactly half way through this campaign of articles, I thought today was a good day to take a breather from the advent stuff and do a post match review of yesterday’s highly entertaining 2-2 draw against Brighton.

Here’s my thoughts.

  • Overall I thought Derby did enough to win the game and played well. Both their goals were avoidable (although the first was a cracker as well) but did Granty actually make a save in the game? I was amazed to hear some of the negativity coming into Radio Derby on the way home. I really enjoyed the game and on another day we could have won comfortably.

    "Oi Oi Calderon, this'll be you in the dentist on Monday"

    “Oi Oi Calderon, this’ll be you in the dentist on Monday”

  • Contrary to my view before the game, Brighton look the real deal. Fair play to them, obviously they stayed organised but they played to win and their fast breakaway game threatened us all afternoon. Easily the best team we’ve played this season so far, but equally not as good as us!
  • Its normal to talk about great goals, shots or bits of skill after games but there were three astonishing bits of defending in this game which were as good as anything you will see all season. The slide tackle on Tom Ince as he was about to slot into an empty net, Warnock’s flying block of a certain Brighton goal in the second half and the simply astonishing goal line clearance from Shackell’s header in the first ten minutes. Where the defender came from and how he got that over the bar whilst running toward his own net I’ll never know. Amazing stuff.
  • Fair play to Chris Martin. Not everything went for him today but some of his link play and general interchange was great. His penalty (which was stonewall by the way Hughton) was superb and even better considering the pressure of the situation. Rubbing Bruno on the head as he jogged back was decent as well.
  • Tom Ince needs a break (as in luck not a rest). Today he looked sharp and was involved. He worked hard and probably had as many shots as anyone. Last season any free kick around the box was hitting the top bin 2 out of 3 times, any cut in onto his left in the final third probably had an even higher strike rate. Those things aren’t happening again yet, but I am sure they will soon. Keep the faith.
  • Warnock is an absolute warrior and is a superb example to any young player. Both him and Christie were superb.
  • It frustrates me when fans get frustrated with us building from the back. Public service announcement – The reason Shacks always passes the ball to Keogh or Thorne is because he is told to not because he is being negative. It isn’t his role to play out. Also when a team has 10 men in front of you, especially if they are waiting to spring out like Brighton were, you need to be patient and not rush into giving the ball away. Yes, at times we could do things quicker, but the days of “hitting the channel” are long gone.
  • I hope Carson is back soon. Grant did nothing wrong to be fair but I definitely felt a few of the old nervous pangs return when they had corners.
  • The flags today were next level and a great spectacle. Great work by all involved.

These last 4 games were billed as a test of how good this Rams team really is. Remaining unbeaten and brining out 8 points is a great return and it could quite easily have been all 12 with a bit of luck.

With many of our rivals due to play each other over the coming weeks, I think it’s about time we got ourselves in that top two.

Come on you Rams!




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  1. Graham Chatfield

    what a true reflection of a very entertaining game keep up the unbiased reports .

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