8th – The 1884 Group

It’s widely accepted that the home play-off semi final win against Brighton was one of the best atmosphere’s seen at Pride Park/The Ipro Stadium since it was built.

With another massive game against Brighton looming this weekend, today is just a quick post to acknowledge the great work of the 1884 group this season in trying to regularly re-create something similar at the Ipro every week.

When the guys first appeared on twitter, I have to concede I didn’t really get the plan. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of enthusiasm about anything Rams related, but with so many people and media outlets fighting for DCFC airtime, was this just another short lived burst of activity?

Whilst it’s easy to be cynical about such things, no-on can doubt the impact these guys have had on the Ipro atmosphere. The flags and banners are a superb spectacle at every game and I have no doubt that this led to Mel’s “rams scarves for all” initiative. Talking of Mel, he clearly loves their work too, matching all the money raised from his own pocket.

I understand the next part of the plan is to do up the concourses around the ground which is long over due (Hopefully they’ll be unleashing Mr Penney’s talents on this which I called on twitter months ago). Also when they say they have some special ideas lined up for Forest, I’m actually really excited to see what they do.

Just for the record, I don’t personally know any of the people involved in the group, have no affiliation to them whatsoever and haven’t been involved in any part of the project. However it’s obvious the amount of effort and commitment these guys have put in to make the match-day experience better for everyone.

If you like what they do, you can contribute to the effort here

Absolutely top work lads. Respect.1884



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