4th – Scott Carson

Todays window reveals Derby’s number 1 Scott Carson.

I wrote this piece last weekend, so it was a bit frustrating to see keeper stuff filling the local media this week and the DET beating me to the punch with a very similar piece on Carson the other day.

That said, the show must go on.

Of all the high profile, big money signings made by Derby this season, the quiet, almost backdoor arrival of Carson could prove to be one of the best.

I have made no secret on here or on twitter of my view of last seasons keeper, so I was buzzing the day Scott signed, seemingly out of nowhere.

Whilst his shot stopping is great (Mr Punch, in fairness to him, was pretty good at that), its the positional sense, authority and decision making that has added so much to our new found defensive mettle.

With defenders who were previously quivering wrecks feeding off Scott’s solidity, no more do we hide our face every time the opposition line up a dead ball to land in our box. No more do we see goal kicks regularly kicked into touch or, worse, floated nicely into the path of a grateful on-rushing opposition winger. No more do we see seemingly save-able shots straight at our keeper nestling in our net.

Having only turned 30 in September, he could be Derby’s number 1 for a good few seasons to come and we at Ramspace say Amen to that.


The team meeting had finished 2 hours ago, but Scott still couldn’t believe that Grant had been recalled for Preston away.


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  1. Very much in agreement here. Carson came in under the radar while other new signings hogged the headlines, but has been as integral as any of them to our upsurge in form.

    One thing I will say, though – he’s had a wee bit of luck along the way. I was a goalie as a kid and know all too well that the moment you cock up, it’s probably a goal – it’s not a forgiving position.

    Think of that botched punch at Milton Keynes, which could have ended up in our net and cost us two points (I think Weimann was on the line). And then, there was his alarming miscontrol at Forest, which very nearly presented them with a goal. If that had been converted…

    Keepers are only ever one slip away from disaster. As a fully paid up member of the Goalkeepers Union, I would just encourage everyone to stick with him when he does drop one and it ends up in the net, because it’s inevitable at some stage.

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