3rd – The Opposition

At the start of the season, I thought that Boro and Derby would finish in the top 2.

Nothing I’ve seen to date has changed my view.

Brighton are obviously this years Burnley/Bournemouth (good first 11 with momentum) but ultimately I don’t see them having the legs, or more specifically the squad.

Hull certainly have the squad, but I think January could be a massive problem to them when the Premier league’s strugglers start to have a go at the buy out clauses most of their big players have.

Burnley and their horrible manager I can’t stick. How they can be “under the radar” when they have a £9m striker and the most notorious character in English football in their ranks is beyond me. The only way they are coming up is play offs but don’t be surprised if they do.

Without doubt Sheff Wednesday are the dark horses and I expect them to go big again in January. I guess we’ll see on Sunday how good they are; However its maybe a season too soon for them.

Although there’s currently nothing to pick between the top five, there will be by May. Derby to win it, Boro runners up, BOOM!


“We can’t & won’t compete financially with some clubs in this league, grrrr I’m so angry.” “Sorry? yes Andre was £9m and Joey’s on £50k a game”



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  1. Dyche and Steve Bruce have both briefed against their players who moved to Derby, basically saying they were money grabbers and that’s why they left. It’s all about demonising the player in the eyes of the fans, to deflect attention away from their club’s own shortcomings (e.g. no mention of ‘The Ince Clause’ Hull allowed as part of his initial loan, or indeed the fact that Bruce never actually played Ince and had been happy to loan him away the season before).

    It does work, though. I had a Burnley fan telling me adamantly that they had no money and detailing how the PL TV cash had been spent, shortly before they bought Gray. And even after that, they dispute the £9m fee and claim it wasn’t really that high. Anyway, “It’s different, it’s sensible investment”… (PS If they get the fee they’re claiming for Ings in January, they’ll be able to invest sensibly again)

    We’re all in danger of being blinded by our own club’s spin, which is why independent blogs such as Ramspace are so important…

    Anyway, amazing that there’s already a six point gap between fifth and sixth. I wonder if there’s anybody in the pack below capable of bridging that? Unless Jimmy performs miracles at QPR, or Brentford come good again, I’m not so sure. It’s more than likely two from the pace-setting five to go up auto and from what we’ve seen so far, IMO there’s nowt better than Derby County out there this season. Perform like we can and it’s there for us!

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