Ramspace Advent Calendar Ripped Open then Taped Up

Last Christmas, you may recall we did the Ramspace Advent calendar, publishing an article a day for 24 days. If you missed it, it’s still worth a look (just click the category to the right) as there was some cracking stuff which wasn’t necessarily tied to that period of time.

I thought about doing something similar again; but, initially, I decided to condense it into one or two longer pieces of 24 bullets on the Rams season so far. Think of the cheesy American Christmas film where the mean bully rips open the cute (fat) kid’s advent calendar and eats all the chocolate on 1st December.

"Actually, don't rip open that Advent Calendar we're going to do it day by day after all". Awkward.

“Actually, don’t rip open that Advent Calendar we’re going to do it day by day after all”.

Fuelled with enthusiasm from the glory of the Hull game, I started drafting the piece and soon realised there was too much good stuff being left out to go down this route. Thus I’ve gone full circle and decided to do the post a day thing up to Xmas eve.

Last year my intention was that each day there would be a short thought or picture but this soon morphed into pretty much 24 back to back full monty articles.

This year I’m going to try and strictly follow the theme of a short piece on a player, individual or entity connected to the Super Rams each day. Thus making it a quick fix each morning, like an actual Advent Calendar if you will.

It all starts on Tuesday, so get following me on twitter, get a Ramspace shortcut set up on your phone and get ready for a deluge of my smart arse, rose tinted Rams commentary right up to when Santa lands on your roof on Christmas Eve.

Come on You Super Rams!


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