Ramspace World Soccer Season Preview

For the last few years, we’ve been asked to write the Derby fans view for the World Soccer season preview special magazine. The nature of the beast is that every club answers the same set questions, so the answers are more for the general football public rather than being news for Rams fans.

This however did manifest itself gloriously in Mexico last year when a scouser I was chatting to started talking about a Derby article he’d read on the plane. Halfway through the chat, I had to tell him I wrote it!

Anyway, here’s this years submission.

  1. In a sentence, how would you describe last season?
    Ans – Crushingly and embarrassingly disappointing. At the end of February we had one foot in the Premier league, but we simply imploded.
  2. What are you expecting from this season?
    Ans – With the backing of Mel Morris’ Candy Crush millions, the appointment of Paul Clement and the known pedigree of our signings to date, I’m expecting us to be challenging to win the league. international-soccer-ball1
  3. Who was your biggest hero last season?
    Ans – There were some notable contributions but young Will Hughes tried everything to drive us on and was deservedly player of the year on all fronts.
  4. Who was your biggest villain?
    Ans – There are lots of contenders for this one, but ultimately Steve McClaren’s scandalous flirting with Newcastle and his complete mismanagement of our run in made his sacking inevitable.
  5. What was the best terrace song/chant last season?
    Ans – It wasn’t a great season for new chants and songs but the “Johnny Russell runs down the wing for me” one to the tune of the Heartbeat theme was a cracker.
  6. Is there a young player we should look out for?
    Ans – I think there are two young Rams who could break through this season. Max Lowe is a great left back who has played every level of England up to U-20. Faz Rawson is a giant centre half who earnt rave reviews on loan at Rotherham last year.
  7. Which game are you most looking forward to, and why?
    Ans – Forest is always the obvious one and we definitely owe them one for last year’s fiasco at the Ipro. However Bristol City and MK Dons are welcome new faces to the division.
  8. Are there any games you are dreading, and why?
    Ans – Many Derby fans will be chomping at the bit to play QPR after the travesty of the play off final but I personally would never play them again given the choice. Burnley are back too and I honestly can’t remember the last time we beat them.worldsoccer

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