Derby’s Number Nine

Today the Rams take on Norwich in what has now become a really big game. As I said after Chelsea, Steve talks about performances but today we need 3 points end of.

Today’s game is also a big one for our centre forward who I have no doubt has been counting the days to get amongst the Canaries.

During his time at Derby, Nigel Clough made some cracking signings but there is a strong argument to suggest that Chris Martin was the best of the lot.

Chris played for Norwich from the age of 10 and went onto represent England U19’s whilst at Carrow Road. However things went sour for him under Glen Roeder and he was shipped out to Luton after infamously being banned from various pubs in his locality.chris martin

A publican said at the time “It’s tough enough running a pub nowadays, especially in a wasteland like East Anglia. Our lifeblood is old folks sitting in here for 10 hours a day or young farmers and tradesman bollocking Lager shots down them like it’s their last day on earth. The last thing we needed was some tousled haired minstrel in a tie-dye t- shirt and spray painted docs, coming round here with his tedious songwriting by numbers bullshit, encouraging pissed up people to get their lighters out when we’ve got a fucking thatched roof. Thus all the landlords got together and we barred Chris Martin across the county”

By the time he first signed for Derby (on loan), he was firmly lumped in the journeyman category. An average striker drifting around on various loans. He also looked out of condition and didn’t really do a great deal to get excited about, unlike previous successful impact loans like Kuqi and Dickov. It’s also fair to say that nobody was doing cartwheels when his move became permanent.

It was thus a surprise to everyone when he seemed to be our immediate first choice striker in the following  pre-season but then deservedly remained so for the start of the season proper as the goals started to fly in. With the appointment of McClaren he has simply gone from strength to strength and a ratio of 32 goals in 64 games (up to the end of October) is immense by any standard.

Chris-Martin-4Regular Rams viewers will know that he is pivotal to our system. Indeed it’s the biggest single weakness in our squad has that we have nobody even close to filling the role he plays.

Personally I love his aggressive Mr Angry persona and it’s also worth mentioning that if you look at his goals he does score a decent spread of different types. Ultimately though he’s just a quality intelligent striker.

I wrote on twitter recently that in the last few weeks I was worried he was becoming a bit jaded, like Giroud did for Aresnal last season. i.e. He’s played almost every minute of every game and the mental and physical strain of that – especially when you play such a key role – is a lot for anybody. Hopefully we will get him some help in January.

That said, I am certain he will be fired up as hell for this one today and do you think he will celebrate if he scores………..of course he will. Para, Para, Paradise……here’s what you could have won Norwich!

Come on You Super Rams!


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