Since I Was Young

For a long time I’ve wanted to write a piece that sums up the essence of supporting DCFC. I got close to it with the pre Forest piece last season but have never quite cracked it.

Earlier this year I read the book “Richer than God” by David Conn. In short, this essentially charts the journey of supporting Man City from when they were good to when they were really shit to Sheikh Mansour and the associated emotional struggle around the same.

In the book there was a short passage which really struck a chord with me in terms of my life supporting the Rams and, I guess, the essence of the song ‘since I was young’. Thus I’ve reproduced a slightly amended version of David Conn’s words here for you all to enjoy.

“As I went through my school days, in that fuzzy and confused stew, waiting for grown up life to break through, Derby County was a rock, a freedom and a pleasure. It became what supporting a football clubs evolves into for the rest of your life; certainty.derby giant flag

It was irrelevant to me that the football, aside from a few glorious years under Arthur Cox & Jim Smith, was for the most part poor quality & crushingly disappointing. In fact our gang used to revel in what we called the “dark days” and weirdly felt more compelled to attend random away games when we were losing than we did when we were winning. My Dads catchphrase for many years was “cracking day out lads, apart from the match”.

As we got older, the captivating thrill of going to the Baseball Ground (especially night games) and subsequently Pride Park, gave way to a more mature sense of belonging. Whatever disasters you were having in the week, there it was on a Saturday afternoon. The familiarity of the public home, your seat in the stand and the familiar faces around you, the team in white shirts, the great sense of who you were and where you were from and, of course, the great game of football itself, so simple and so endlessly absorbing.”

Lets hope we smash Brighton today. Come on you Super Rams!

CSpaceram (with a big shout to David Conn)



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