A Partridge Blasted out a Tree

When I’m writing pieces for Ramspace, I often search for photos or images to fit the article I’m writing. However sometimes you stumble across an image and really don’t know what to do with it, as the comedic value is almost too much.

I love Fawaz. The hapless Air Con salesman with relatives in high places; he makes Forest a laughing-stock time and time again then goes back to the big bosses for more cash. I can’t wait for the day they tell him enough’s enough, but anyway its Christmas so I shouldn’t be mean.

There are a million captions you could use for these pictures, there’s also the obvious parallel with the defenceless animals he’s slaughtering and the managers, and even more support and admin staff, he’s axed at Forest.

Why not post your own in the comments? I’m just going to stick with “What the fuck?”

Fawaz duckshoot2fawaz dead duck


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  1. Once a Bastard always a Bastard!

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