Bad Arrows at Brentford

Listening to yesterday’s late defeat to Brentford was like a really uncomfortable flashback to the innumerable away defeats to inferior clubs we endured under the Clough years.

The Rams off to a great start, lose the initiative, concede a soft equaliser either side of half time then just as the game is drifting to a draw, from nowhere, we concede a late goal and lose.

I wasn’t at the game but here’s a couple of points.

The obvious one is the Mascarell Eustace conversation. I actually like Omar and think he should play more games particularly at home when his superior mobility and passing ability would help breakdown some of the blanket defenses we face. That said, Brentford away was nailed on for the Eust. A weeks rest in his locker, a tight ground with a feisty atmosphere, a team with a great home record…..need I say more. Bad shout Steve.omar

People who follow me on twitter may think i’m on a Bucko witch hunt, which i’m not. However its no co-incidence that as soon as he’s restored the goals start flying in and as a unit we are playing much deeper (Jakes subconscious worry about getting done for pace). Beating Bournemouth (who have won every game since) was one of our best results of the season and was built on the platform of Shots winning his duel with Callum Wilson. Sometimes (like Brentford away) we need defenders who defend. I would like to see Shotton in with Keogh now for 10 games and let’s get some stability in the back line.

Will Hughes exclusion I could half see, as he is key to unlocking the door in the forthcoming home games. Hendrick and Bryson should have more than enough to win the battle against anyone in this league so I didn’t really have an issue with that one.

Overall I think we simply underestimated Brentford in terms of team selection and then accepting that a draw wasnt actually a bad result. As i keep saying, two point per game wins you the league, so sometimes a draw is ok. I have no issue in Derby using the squad and refreshing the side, we just need to do it with a bit more nous than we did yesterday.


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  1. McClaren doesn’t really do ‘settling for a point’, something which Clough was routinely castigated for. He didn’t have to bring Best on at 1-1 v Wigan and he could have brought on the Eust instead of Coutts yesterday (Coutts as a wide forward, by the way??)

    You could argue that in reaching for six points, we’ve ended up with none when we should have got two. But Mac’s rationale is clearly that you’re better off winning one and losing one than drawing two. This week, it’s not happened for us, but hopefully over the season, we’ll come good. Starting on Tuesday!

    • Im defo in the camp of 1 win is better than two draws. I just think at 94 mins you need to accept the point. Agree totally time to get cracking at the Ipro Tuesday. Home form as been average so far and Saturday proves you cant win every away game. Would be great time to bang in two home winners.

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