Derby County – New Season Barometer 2014

With the new season starting tomorrow, it’s been an absolute rollercoaster summer with a real crescendo this week of two new signings and all manner of insanity going off at the other end of the A52.

I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so what better way to pull it all together than the old Skool classic that is the Ramspace New Season Barometer.

Going Up

The DCFC off pitch team – I could have listed any of these in their own right but what a job is being done at Derby by Sam Rush, Chris Evans, Steve Mac etc. Key players retained, new commercial deals being signed up almost daily, key signings bagged, Academy status upgraded and we now have a relationship with Real Madrid! Which leads nicely to……

Head of Football Operations, Chris Evans, walks into Moor Farm to announce the Mascarell (sorry to the guy on twitter I stole this from)

Head of Football Operations, Chris Evans, walks into Moor Farm to announce the Mascarell deal (sorry to the guy on twitter I stole this from)

Omar Mascarell – When my brother texted me on Tuesday night to say ”have you seen this guy from Madrid” I just thought he was being a bit slow sports news and referring to Calero’s brace for the U21’s. Then I went on twitter and BOOM! Ok lets not get too carried away until we’ve seen him play, but its hard not to when you  sign anyone from the Real Madrid first team squad (which is where he’s been for the last month). If he’s anywhere near as good as his pedigree suggests, we have an unbelievable signing.

Leon Best  – Our other signing this week of gangsta striker & Drake lookalike Leon Best is equally interesting. This one had its fair share of negativity on line but consider this (spoiler warning – this is the same point I made on the phone in Monday night if you heard it). Last year he was a £3m striker, he has a championship promotion & a premier league hat trick on his CV, both Chris Martin & Jamie Ward were players who had lost their way before we signed them. Finally McCormack £11m, Ulloa £8m, Deeney valued at £10m is there really that much difference between Leon and them? If Steve gets him firing this could be a shrewd move.

U 21’s playing in public – In a minor sub-line yesterday it was announced that the U-21’s will no longer be hidden away at Moor Farm but will split heir games between there, the Ipro and the Impact Arena. Thus we can all now start to see how the summers swathe of new signings are getting on along with our next gen generally. This is glorious news – Expect plenty of updates on here.

Print Tickets On line – Great idea and really easy to do. Note to John Vickers – For next development, next year can we move to cashless stadium please with credits put on DCFC fancards to spend at kiosks. Will massively reduce queues and fans will spend x 3 more at the ground. Refer Borrussia Dortmund if you want to know how it works.


Going Down

Mark O’Brien – I’ve got nothing against OB and believe he is a more than decent Championship centre half. But just when was the last time he was actually fit? It seems like he’s been injured for about three years. I don’t see him making it with Derby now.

Rangers fans – Ok I’m going to tread carefully here. The support from Rangers was amazing and a fantastic spectacle for sure. But in future, let’s just take a moment to consider what we are doing before we clap along and blindly support guys pedalling nationalism and waving Israeli flags. To be clear, I’m not a political person and have no strong view or knowledge on anything political. Just a lot of that “love in” on the day struck me very much personally as not cool.

"Sorry, I thought you knew Fawaz. League 1 isn't the Premier League, it's Division 3"

“Sorry, I thought you knew Fawaz. League 1 isn’t the Premier League, it’s Division 3”

Richard Keogh Wembley stigma – I’ve been to three of the pre season friendlies and, whilst he got an amazing reception at Notts County,  there was noticeably at each game a small section of Rams fans who are on their toes to fire into Keogh at the slightest slip. Let’s not even go there shall we.       

Fawaz & Forest – What. The. Actual. Fuck. Just as we were getting worried Pearce was adding some stability and making some sensible signings, up steps Fawaz to restore the joke club status he’s worked so hard to maintain. Exaggerated sponsor deals to sell season tickets, players sold cheap behind Psychos back (the £4m cheque for Lascelles was apparently made out to B Davies to cut out the middle man) and then the outright panic buy of £5.5m (rumoured to also have add-ons!!!) for a league 1 striker to appease everybody. Make no mistake, the finances here are fucked. Mackie’s going today and Lansbury won’t be far behind. Good times!

George Thorne’s injury – When I first heard this news I almost felt like crying and, a bit like Zamora’s goal, it took me a few days to actually accept it was real. Just unbelievable bad luck for George himself and the club who had worked so hard to land their man. He’ll be back.

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  1. Great blog, looks like its going to be a spectacular season for The Rams. have a good holiday

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