Post Match Notts County & General Rams Thoughts

This afternoon I went to my first game of this season, attending the 3-1 victory over Notts County at Meadow Lane.

What ended up being a comfortable victory, nicely rounded off a good few weeks for the Rams prior to the players leaving fro Austria on Sunday. Here’s a few thoughts on today’s game followed by a few more general comments around the state of the DCFC nation.

  • With none of the new U-21 players included in a strong Rams line up, the main area of interest in terms of new faces were Cyrus Christie and trialist, Allasane Toure. Whilst clearly a little nervous and finding out about his new team mates, on first impression, Christie looks a good addition. Indeed with almost his first touch, he burst through 3 or 4 Notts defenders before firing a low ball across the area Martin should have buried. Inevitably he will be compared with Wizzer. His physique is not dissimilar to Andre, with Cyrus being slightly taller but not quite as broad (who is?). However he definitely has much more of an appetite to attack which will be great when teams pack the middle at the Ipro. He wasn’t massively tested defensively, but equally answered the few question that were asked. So far, so good.

    Hopefully the first of many a rampage in a Rams shirt for young Cyrus.

    Hopefully the first of many a rampage in a Rams shirt for young Cyrus.

  • Toure replaced Christie around the hour and looked solid. A very big guy with a great touch, he looked more a traditional defender, rather than a modern rampaging full back (a la Christie and Fozzy). He also won a couple of crashing headers twice leaving Notts players in the mud rubbng their head. I am not sure what the plan is for him, but he certainly looked worthy of further consideration as cover for both right back and perhaps centre half.
  • The battle for the midfield front two slots has begun. Bryson was largely quiet, perhaps just easing his way back from his injury ready for Austria. Hughes was constantly on the ball and threaded a couple of beautiful crossfield passes out to Christie. However it was Hendrick who put the first marker down with a typically superb, powerful display which got better and better as the game went on.
  • It wasn’t a great afternoon for the skipper. Caught in possession on the edge of his own box for the Notts goal and a couple of sloppy balls out to on rushing Notts players. I hope he doesn’t have a Wembley hangover.
  • Chris Martins hat trick was sublime. Check the goals out if you can, the third was a marvellous first time finish into the top corner. Great to see him continuing where he left off and dispelling any one season wonder worries.
  • Finally, we were all really impressed with reserve Keeper Kelle Roos. A giant of a guy with great hands, feet and fantastic distribution. One arrow of a ball down the middle to Martin was almost Huddlestone-esque. Also took the time the give the fans a big clap at the end, which won’t do him any harm.

In other Rams news

  • Just when the summer was getting worrying, the board have really pulled it out the bag; first with the retention of Bryson and now the permanent addition of Thorne. With the best four midfield players in the division challenging for three spots, what a fantastic platform to build on. I think we’d all accepted one of the holy trinity would be leaving. The fact they’re not, I am sure has cost a few quid. Regardless of if that’s down to the US owners or Mel Morris, it’s a massive positive statement.

    The Ipro Executive team ordered an urgent taxi to discuss our new sponsor with Sam Rush. Awkward.

    The Ipro Executive team ordered an urgent taxi to discuss our new sponsor with Sam Rush. Awkward.

  • The U-21 recruitment drive has been an interesting sideshow to the summer thus far, with a bunch of really interesting young players joining the club on free’s or for nominal fees. I guess this is the first fruits of the new recruitment department and, in fairness, you only need one of these guys to breakthrough and they will immediately we worth a couple of million. It will be great to watch their progress.
  • I like all of the new kits and really like the simplistic classic black and white Umbro training gear. However, as I’ve tweeted several times, I am just not having “Just Eat” as our main sponsor no matter how much they paid us. Any Rams fan even vaguely overweight is now wide open to ridicule from opposition fans. But more so, the brand is just a chronic miss-match with our status as a professional sports club and our main stadium sponsor who are a healthy pro fitness sports drink. Ipro themselves must be absolutely fuming. For all the amazing things that Sam Rush has achieved, this is pure cash over credibility. Not Good.
  • Back on transfers, the remaining piece of the jigsaw is now clearly a back up or competition for Martin. I expect Sammon to leave, even if on loan (I still think Ipswich) and a Bamford type player who can play wide or as a target man has to now be our priority. Either that or an out and out goal scorer and Chris Eagles!


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  1. A good read, and pretty much agree with most of the sentiments.

  2. Lee Lawrence

    Good points about the sponsor, however I’d rather them than a betting or loans company. From an aesthetic point of view it’s just about the worse we’ve had. As for the shirt, I’ve never understood the flack Kappa got. Their first was the best I can remember for years. The Umbro ones strike me as being a last minute deal and they were just plucked from a catalogue.

    • Betting is part of football life now so that would have been no issue. I have no major issue with the Umbro gear. Like you I really liked a lot of the Kappa stuff but, even in super sizes, a lot of the stuff just wasn’t comfortable to wear if you weren’t a ripped gym bunny. I suspect this sort of feedback and the associated hit on Sales was what did for them.

  3. Thought Christie was great, definitely an upgrade on Wisdom attacking wise something McClaren seemed to acknowledge in the post match interview). Whether he is as good defensively as Wisdom remains to be seen.
    Toure showed some good touches too but not sure where he might fit in. He’s a centre half & we’re pretty well covered there, so maybe he’ll provide competition for Christie & Freeman.
    Also impressed by Roos. His handling looked very sound (no doubt Eric’s had something to do with that) & that punt upfield to Martin you describe was quality.
    Bit worried about Keogh, he looked pretty hokey at times. Let’s hope he’s got that out of his system. Got a great reception from the fans though.
    I wonder whether dropping Martin back into midfield & trying a front two of Sammon & Ward was a sign of an emerging Plan B if our usual 433 (41221?) Formation doesn’t work.
    Not bothered about the sponser to be honest but I can appreciate most fans aren’t keen.
    Great post, as usual – look forward to reading it as our season progesses.

  4. Don’t think we need any more wide men, have Ward, Dawson, Russell and Bennett plus some of the new u21’s if necessary so that’s a defo NO to Eagles. I’d have a go for Chris Woods who’s all the things Sammon isn’t.

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