The Good Will Out

What an amazing day it was yesterday with the the Red Dogs and their evil leader vanquished with maximum prejudice by the Super Rams.

I’m sure we will all write and talk about this one for a long time, but here’s a few of my thoughts, the morning after the day before.

  • The whole South Stand experiment was a masterstroke. Accepting we were smashing Forest, we all agreed that was the best atmosphere at a game at Pride Park/Ipro since it was built. The South stand looked amazing with all the lads singing and bouncing and it was literally like having a noisy away end at a home game. Imagine that every week in the premier league!
  • Make no mistake, 5-0 flattered Forest. After witnessing the Birmingham fiasco first hand I was glad we exercised appropriate game management to keep the clean sheet, but when you think about the timing of the goals and Russell’s two chances it could have been 6 or 7 very easily.
  • Why have we kept George Thorne in the can so long? Aside from being absolutely massive, he oozed quality and think what he could have done in some of those games when The Eust was rested. I suspect we’ll be all over him in the summer for a longer stay.
  • Maximum respect to Patrick Bamford. Clearly nervous in the opening minutes, he turned in a superb performance and ran Fox (who I think we all accept is a decent defender) ragged. After some of the vile shit he’s had on twitter, fair play to him for clapping the Forest fans and fair play to the majority of them for clapping him back (just after returning the clapping of their own players with a resounding Foxtrot Oscar call sign).
  • Surely this result has done for Billy. If not now, then definitely once their missing the play offs is confirmed. The way the whole ground resoundingly booed everytime he came to the touchline in the second half was amazing and must have hurt him.

I have written many times over the last few months, and in detail last week, that a final showdown was looming with BiIly Davies. The almost cinematic, super villain persona that Billy has created with himself was always going to come to a head at some point.

As I have said before, like all the best baddies, Billy came back for a sequel madder and badder than the first time. He killed one of the key goodies and it all looked bleak as his evil hordes stormed up the table. But then cracks appeared in the bad guys camp and when the final showdown came, he was terminally vanquished by the heroes in black and white.

Days like yesterday don’t happen very often for any football fan and certainly not in the recent history of Derby County. However this season ends up, this ones going down in folklore for ever.

The Good Won Out. Sit back and enjoy the show again and again here.

Get in you Super Rams!

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