As One Window Closes…..

As the January transfer window 2014 closes, the Rams sit nicely in 4th spot in the Championship, well entrenched in the play off zone and within shooting distance of the second automatic promotion slot.

Whilst all readers will be well aware of the small margins which change draws to wins and wins to draws in the Championship, things would have looked a whole lot healthier were it not for the inexplicable surrender of the maximum points on Saturday at Birmingham.

Over the years I have been to many away games and honestly can’t recall one where DCFC were so dominant and vastly superior to the home side.

It was almost like a kid’s game where a top of the league side with various players on the way in or out of academies put a local village team, just playing as a hobby, to the sword. Unfortunately it also mirrored a kid’s game in that the Rams players clearly took the view that the opposition were shit and wanted to score ten to make the point – thus leaving themselves wide open to the horror or Birmingham’s two spirit crushing late goals.

" no training and I've been in here ironing all day"

“…so no training for 2 days and I’ve been in here ironing all day”

There has been much talk about the players learning a lesson and certainly Bamford took a major ear bashing. However I hope Steve has learnt a lesson too. With new midfield pivot George Thorne sat next to him, why did he swap Hughes for Hendrick? Why did he swap strikers for strikers? We should have sat Thorne next to Eustace, done a few ole’s and it was game over.

Sorry to rant on old news but that one is really taking some getting over.

So what of the window? Leicester took the view of ‘if its not broke..’ merely adding Kevin Phillips who immediately repaid his loan fee with a winner on Saturday. Predictably Burnley didn’t do a lot and QPR did including the signing of 4 new strikers. Our friends down the road signed five players, although 2 they technically already had & were really just made to pay a premium to keep them. I am not sure whether Fawaz was trying to convince the fans or himself with his repeated tweets proclaiming what a window it had been and how ecstatic he was. Let’s not forget a week earlier both him and Silly took to twitter to criticize the Forest fans who had been caning Fawaz for his inability to close out the many deals they were involved in.

So what of the Rams activity? The full time signing of Dawkins was great news and his performance against Yeovil showed what a key player he is and will be. Thorne we are yet to see but clearly he provides the option and cover around Eustace. The Zak Whitbread situation I really don’t understand so won’t try and offer an opinion here, but at least its cover.

Great news that Dawks has avoided the well trodden road of "get your contract, go shit".

Great news that Dawks has avoided the well trodden road of “get your contract, go shit”.

Clearly Bamford is another gem of a signing from McClaren. I’m sure you will agree he’s quite a strange player. He doesn’t seem that strong, has a very awkward running style and doesn’t really put a massive shift in; however what he has oozing from everywhere is absolute class and quality. His first touch is ridiculous (for those who went to Brum, what about that control on the run from Grants drop kick???) and for the first time since Commons we now have a player who can pinch us a game with a bit of magic. Would be great to see him do it against Forest.

Having said that, with all the positives and my complete understanding of budget & the lack of value in January, am I the only Rams fan who thought we could have done a bit more? Let’s not sign people for the sake of it but imagine the boost and the message even a £1m permanent signing would have given? Maybe I got over excited and I may be proved wrong if we drop a bomb in the Loan market next week. I jut thought after the initial splurge of activity there may have been a killer deal to round things off?

Time will tell will tell who made the right moves and I guess if we smash QPR next week it will go a long way to saying DCFC did.

Come on you Rams!



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  1. When you look around I genuinely think our starting 11 is strong enough to get us out of the Championship. I also think our bench is now strong enough to change/win a tight game for us. I’m not sure we require the 1 million pound (wouldn’t by 1/3rd of Ross McCormak) signing, unless it was to bring John Brayford (Who must be the best player in League 1 by a country mile) back as great cover for RB and CB.
    100% agree with the comment about the subs against Brum though. Maybe Clough’s get the ball in the corner for the last 9 minutes and just hold on was a touch negative. But at 3-1 I wouldn’t have minded Ben Davies (I don’t think he was on the bench to be fair) and K Cisse (Obviously not with us anymore) coming on and just seeing the game out for the last 10 mins.
    But as you said perhaps Steve has also learnt something in that game!

  2. Excellent post as usual. Didn’t go to the Brum game but interested in what you say about Steve McC possibly making a mistake by not sticking Thorne on. Although a bit Clough-esque, that type of substitution would have been pragmatic and might have won us the game. That type of thing seems to be against Steve’s nature though.. Like you say, it will be interesting to see if he learns from that.
    It’ll also be interesting to see how Thorne progresses, saw him play for Watford at Christmas and can’t say I was blown away.
    As for the transfer market, I agree we could have done with an inspirational Stimac-like signing, to keep the momentum going. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for the summer for that then..
    The QPR game is a big one, certainly!

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