New Boys – Patrick Bamford

The background of new DCFC recruit Patrick Bamford has been well reported. However what hasn’t been so well reported is what type of player we can expect and is he actually any good.

Worry no more and check out this glowing reference from MK Dons Supporters Association’s Julian Griffiths.

“Patrick Bamford is without a shadow of doubt MK Dons loss and Derby County’s gain. The fact that several thousand Dons fans stayed behind to give him a standing ovation after his last home match for the club is testament to the impact that he’s had as a 20 year old striker finding his way in the game.

16 goals in 29 appearances in a league boasting some big clubs in the form of Wolves, Sheffield United, Coventry City and Bristol City is no mean feat, and although he is stepping up a level at Pride Park I have no doubt that he is more than capable of lighting up the Championship.bamfordengland

4 yellow cards and no red cards show that he is disciplined as a player. He’s also an intelligence young man, having obtained A-Levels in History, General Studies and Biology and this is also reflected in the football he plays. He settled into the Dons side very quickly making many friends around the club (in particular England u17 international Dele Alli).

At Stadium MK he has usually played in a 4-5-1 formation, with Luke Chadwick or Ben Reeves playing just off his shoulder. His greatest strength is his control of the ball and vision around the box. Some have commented that he reminds them of Ian Rush. He is reasonably quick and I would back him every time in a one on one with the keeper.

His weakness is in the air. Although he is 6’2 tall, he struggles to dominate aerial balls from set pieces, although he has admitted this and has been working hard to strengthen that part of his game.

Despite being just 20 years old he won’t be bullied by big centre backs. He does have an aggressive edge to his game which is controlled but gives him the edge when the going gets touch. He does have that Prem mentality of looking for fouls when sometimes he would achieve more by staying on his feet.

What you are getting is an outstanding talent – probably one of the best young strikers in English football. I have no doubt he will end up playing for England and in the Premier League providing he is given the chance to play regularly at the higher level”

Julian Griffiths

MK Dons Supporters Association’s


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  1. Michael Dogsbreath

    He was terrible when I saw him play against Coventry. Like, triangle-boots-and-head terrible. And what’s with the atrocious editing of this piece? I count 4 major errors, the most glaring of which is the rogue apostrophe at the end. Learn to write or leave it to someone who can, infant.

    • Cheers for the comment Michael. Always enjoy a bit of balance on the site and someone coming on giving me shit every now and again is a good thing.

      Good spot on the apostrophe at the end, lazy cut and pasting I’m afraid. In your honour I will leave it unedited as a public lesson to myself!

    • Truly shocking Michael, I think you ought to boycott the site in protest.

      Thanks Julian and Chris, looking forward to seeing him play.

  2. Crikey, Michael Dogsbreath, what a prick! Perhaps it’s flattering that someone has taken the time to analyse your spelling/grammar in such depth…

    Very interesting read, particularly that “his greatest strength is his control of the ball and vision around the box.” I think that sounds quite similar to Martin.

    Although it would be nice to have more than two strong centre forwards, I wonder if signing Bamford means that Sammon is on his way out, especially as Sammon is supposed to be one of the highest earners at the club.

    I enjoy reading the articles on here. A great example of quality over quantity, which is so rare on the internet. Thanks!

    • Oliver Klösov

      Greetings to all dcfc fans from rainy Germany….

      I hope he is better than Salmon. I have not enjoyed watching Salmon fail to “leap”! My main fear is that he can’t convert the goal. To be success in EPL championship you must convert, this is obvious to us all.

  3. NO MICHEal he is good I’ve seen him play for m.k dons. He is tall and strong and will score goals in the championship. I think mcLarrin has made a good singing here. We should also get josh mcEcran who was in loan to Watford and did really well. Speaking of Watord they now have Angella and Merkel!!! I thought they were Italian not Germany!!

  4. Michael is clearly deluded(!) but has a point. Each paragraph should begin with an opening double quote. The final one should also end with a full stop. These things are important to many of us, but maybe too important to Michael…

    Anyone see Russell’s face btw?!

  5. Funnily enough I saw MK Dons vs Coventry too. My mate, who goes regularly, highlighted him as one to watch before the game, saying he was MK Dons best player. Unfortunately Bamford did have a bad game that day but when I said to the same mate we were bringing in Bamford on loan he still reckoned he’s a good signing. And if you want a further example that it’s best not to judge on one performance: Coventry brought on a sub who scored genuinely two fantastic goals that won the game…Chris Maguire – anyone up for re-signing him instead?

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