Derby County Pantomime Villains

Back in the day before our website became a blog, we used to mainly publish comedy articles as opposed to the opinion pieces we generally write today.

With everyone writing good stuff about the current run of form we are enjoying, here’s a bit of Christmas fun as we ask you to consider who is your most hated DCFC Pantomime villain.

Herewith our cast of baddies to choose from :-

Stuart Atwell – A young ref fast tracked though the system in 2007 to the football league, it wasn’t Atwell’s fault that he was inexplicably asked to ref the Derby Forest game in November 2008. It was however absolutely his fault that he firstly disallowed one late Miles Addison winner to pull play back and award us a penalty, duly missed by Nacer Barazite. Not content with that he then disallowed a further injury time winner from Addison for an infringement that not even any of the Forest players thought was worth an appeal. It was no co-incidence that Atwell didn’t ref at Pride Park for several years afterwards and any Rams fan present that day will never forgive him.

"He's behind you" and he's got a camera!

“He’s behind you” and he’s got a camera!

Robert Maxwell – After saving us from the abyss and allowing his son Ian to lead us to the old first division, Maxwell himself dumped Oxford and stepped in as Rams Chairman. Everything was about Maxwell himself and failed attempts to buy Watford and Spurs whilst still the owner of DCFC showed everyone how much he truly cared for the club. After leading us to the edge of major glory, Maxwell simply left us in limbo, putting the club up for sale and cutting all transfer funding causing various local campaigns to phone the mirror group offices etc. Not surprisingly the Rams tumbled and a massive opportunity was missed.

Paul Jewell – When Jewell replaced Billy Davies in 2007 nobody could have predicted that the worst manager in DCFC history was walking through the door. Fresh from various successful relegation scraps at Wigan, his attempt to keep the Rams in the Premiership was pitiful and embarrassing. With horrendous transfer dealings from day one to the day he left (£1m for Varney?!?!!?) and taking 10 months to win a league game, his attempts to get us back out the Championship were arguably even worse. Throw in a few home videos appearing in the Sunday papers and few people can surely have shamed he good name of Derby County more than this idiot.

How was this guy ever fit and proper?

Fit & proper? Big fat robber more like!

Jeremy Keith – This loathsome individual was the public face of the infamous 3 amigos who bought the Rams out of administration for £1. His infamous comment that he bought the Rams to make a profit but “fell in love with the trainset” earned him the nickname of the fat controller, although most people I know preferred a different ‘C’ word. Even when the game was up he attempted to get the Rams in bed with the SISU investment fund who are doing such a great job at Coventry.  With various rumours around the sales of Tom Huddlestone & Raziak to Spurs, Keith was confirmed as a genuine villain when he was found guilty of false accounting (defrauding the Rams of £125k) and banged up.

Billy Davies – What can you say about this wanker? The most successful manager in recent Derby history decided to make the Rams finest hour since the glory days all about himself with an infamous on pitch interview at Wembley talking about his contract and Ned Kelly. After leaving the Rams, a true axis of evil was formed when he joined Forest. After being embroiled in various battles with the Rams and even accusing Clough of physically attacking him at one point, Billy failed at Forest and left. However like all the biggest baddies, he came back for a sequel even more paranoid, madder and badder than last time. You get the feeling the final showdown with this guy is nigh.

Happy Christmas to all our readers and here’s to a fantastic 2014 for the Rams.


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