Post Match Bullets – Leicester

Yesterday was one of those horrible home defeats you get sometimes in the Championship (think Hull & Ipswich last season) where a team comes with a game plan, puts everyone behind the ball for the majority of the game but DCFC just don’t quite have the quality or get the break to break them down.

Many teams will come to PP intending on stopping us rather than doing anything themselves, so we need to learn quick how to solve this one and get our home form on track. Herewith my thoughts on the game.

  • Firstly I didn’t think we played badly. Aside from a dodgy 15 minutes around their goal, we were clearly the better side and were good value for at least a draw. Small details decide Championship games and this is what we need to work on when things aren’t going to plan.


    “Look they’ve let a flare off in the Leicester end”, “Sorry Andy, I was just thinking whether to go for Indian or Chinese tonight”

  • Clough’s use of substitutions is a constant theme. However now we have genuine game changing players on the bench (Sammon, Ward, Jacobs, Davies) we need to be braver and use them when we need to influence a tight game. Leicester’s plan to stop our diamond was working, so why not give them a new problem with Ward and Jacobs on either wing? The central area was so congested it would have been worth sacrificing Hendrick or Hughes.
  • The reason we didn’t win wasn’t down to the officials but they were really poor yesterday for both sides. The block on Russell in the first minute was a stonewall free kick anywhere else on the pitch, as was the push on Bryson as he charged onto the loose ball in their 6 yard box. There was also more than one occasion where the ref simply got in the way. Sour grapes yes, but all fact.
  • Craig Forsyth had a bad day yesterday and gave the ball away on numerous occasions. In fairness to him, his crossing on the run is superb; it just seems when he has a bit more time things go astray. He needs to relax a bit on the ball.
  • Defensively you have to say Leicester were superb but I can’t recall them stringing together two passes or even attempting any positive forward play. As SSpaceram said, if that’s what you get for £50m it’s a poor show. Having said that I thought Hull were awful last year and they’re playing at Chelsea this afternoon. Would be interesting to see them if anything happened to Morgan.
  • Talking of centre backs, I think it would be a timely boost if we signed one this week. We have conceded in every league game to crosses into our box and this remains a major weakness. Whilst Bucko and Keogh have done nothing massively wrong, it would be good to see a big dominant centre half in there who we could rely on. If Grant is being told to stay at home at set pieces (which he clearly is), then we need to be sure we can win the headers, I’m not sure that’s the case at the moment.

Whilst yesterday was tough to take, especially against Leicester, we have a great chance to get the show back on the road at Yeovil next week. It will be interesting to see how Nigel shuffles the pack.


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  1. Richard Harcock

    This was not good.Cloughs defensive comments do not mask a team that struggled and lacked the strength to pull out a result.He spoke afterwards about the two different ways to play and what do we want.We want to win and mount a promotion campaign.We are not with this type of possession football ,in fact like last year we will be struggling to be above the relegation zone as teams ‘muscle us’

    • I agree we were out muscled by Leicester but thats no reason to go 8 men behind the ball and start lumping it.

      Swansea and Blackpool both passed their way out the division so it can be done. I just think introducing Sammon earlier on Saturday (Martin didn’t play particularly badly but was clearly getting smashed up), and introducing a big menacing centre half generally would help the balance of the team considerably.

  2. Good article, thanks. I think it was also a good instance of how we will miss Brayford — he was one of our two attacking options for much of last season. Take him away and .. well, it’s just too easy for the defending team.

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