World Soccer Pre Season Review 2013

I’ve been a subscriber to World Soccer magazine now for as long as  I can remember. It’s a great read and never seems to lose its quality.

Over the last few years I’ve been asked to answer some questions about Derby for World Soccer’s guide to the new season in England. The nature of the beast is these are short and sweet but herewith my contribution to their 2013-14 guide.

1 How would you describe last season?

ANS – Last season was ok. We got less points but finished in our highest position under Clough and, particularly at home, played some good stuff. However the season was littered with ‘hard luck stories’ away from home. If we could have turned even 2 or 3 of those into wins we would have made the play offs.

2 What are your expectations for this season?

ANS – With the key problem positions of keeper and finisher sorted (Lee Grant & Jonny Russell incoming), most Rams fans are expecting a strong play off push. The squad looks good and mid table obscurity is not going to be acceptable to anyone this year.

3 Who’s your biggest hero?World soccer

ANS – Young Will Hughes is our best player and is clearly very popular. I’m confident he’ll be with us next season, even if on loan. Having said that, everyone loves a striker and the scene is set for Jonny Russell to become a massive hit with Derby fans if he gets off to a good start.

4 Who’s your biggest villain?

ANS – Conor Sammon remains a player who splits opinion. Many fans love his work rate and nuisance value and certainly you wouldn’t want to mark him for 90 minutes. But, as someone we paid £1.25m for, a section of Derby fans will quickly jump on his erratic finishing and first touch when things aren’t going well. I personally enjoy his work, but that’s football! 

5 Tell us about a young player people should look out for

ANS – Will Hughes is the obvious one but everyone knows about him. So I’ll go with Jeff Hendrick. Has improved massively and had a great season last year finishing it making his full Eire debut marking Xavi. A powerhouse player with a great touch, of whom Trappatoni recently said “his agent should get him in the Premier league”. Thanks! 

6 What was your best/favourite song/chant of last season?

Never heard on the terrace but I heard a drunken nutter at Barnsley sing this :- “Down the right, down the right John Brayford. Down the right he will go past you. Down the right down the right John Brayford, John Brayford is the white Cafu”

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