The Word on the Street

Following the glory of 30 days of ramspace, we were taking, what I thought, was a well deserved rest. However some of you lot have clearly been missing your ramspace fix!

Thus, with a few Rams snippets floating around, I thought it was time to get back involved. Here’s a few thoughts on the current rams news doing the rounds.

Firstly John Brayford must be a worried man with news of a rejected £1m bid from Wigan. I’ve written on here a couple of times that John has more than earned the right to a big move and, with Freeman in the wings good to go, selling our right back for £1m plus wouldn’t be a bad thing. Indeed if the Latics, packing parachute payments, come back with something nearer to £1.5m, don’t be surprised to see the Rams accept – which is where it will get tough for Bray.

Sure he’ll increase his wage but he’ll still be in the championship, playing for a smaller club, who will talk big, but in reality, have no more chance of promotion than DCFC (Some might say less once their crown jewels have gone to Everton). It will be interesting to see how it pans out but expect to see John in a very awkward position soon.

Moving onto two other stories which dovetail into each other.

Over a week ago the Rams agreed a fee with Bristol City for Frank accompanied with the standard ‘it’s just now down the the player to agree terms’. One week on and we’ve heard nothing more.

Parallel to that, a friend of a friend found himself in the same holiday resort as Nathan Tyson a few weeks ago. Assuring us Nathan is ‘sound’, our man also assured us Tyson will be at Derby next season as its highly unlikely anyone will match or better his rams contract. This stacks up with another contact of ours (cant reveal but close enough to know) recently confirming the long held view that Tyson is the highest earner at the club.

What this means is, despite our well publicised wage caps and austerity measures, we still pay more than your average championship bear. Thus, moving on the, not so, magnificent seven may not be as easy as you think. Indeed we understand this is currently Sam Rush’s main focus.

As ever we watch this (ram)space with interest.



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  1. Thanks – Glad you are back too

  2. I’d never have thought i’d see Tyson as one of the high earners, given his lack of match time

    • Don’t forget he was a Bosman mate and, at the time, a controversial and ‘big’ signing.

      I would get rid if we can (maybe Kenny Jackett might get back involved for him at Wolves?), but plenty of our gang see him as decent impact sub for next season.

      Don’t forget he came on and won us games twice last year (Ipswich and Birmingham). If we are are in the mix and he does that just twice again, his wages might be money well spent.

      • As you say, he was a Bosman, so it’s a dead cert he’s the highest earner. I can’t see him moving on at all for the reasons you set out. However, I can’t see him getting any game time (or even getting on the bench) given we now have four strikers that Clough wants to rotate plus the lad Bennett.
        I always thought that would be difficult to move all the unwanted players on and this would restrict our ability to get the often promised 6 players in. Although I note Fielding is having his medical today.
        I thought Tyson had a few good moments early last season but him and our Jamaican international substitute have been on Clough’s unwanted list since their woeful performance in the Charlton away game..

  3. Yes – You are back!!!

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