30 Days of Ramspace Wrap Up

Ok everyone, I thought it was this weekend, but after triple checking, today is day 30 and the last day of 30 days of Ramspace.

At one point I was thinking I should have made it 10 or 20 days and then when we were about half through and flying there was some crazy  talk of extending it!

Hopefully we got it about right and we’ll now take our foot of the gas and start re-stocking the ideas library.

If you want to see all the “30 days” posts in one clean list just click the link at the top of the “categories” list over on the right. You never know, you might have missed the best piece (which won’t be the one with me singing on it!)

Thanks to everyone who contributed, commented, tweeted and re-tweeted about the site and the campaign. It was all really appreciated and made the whole thing much more fun for us.

Special thanks to people who wrote stuff – Simon, Boab, Richard (TMFKATHFAW) and Shaun.

Special thanks also to regular readers and online promoters – Ollie, Nathan, Jon Rodgers, James Harris & James Windle.

With the Jonny Russell saga set to play out next week and the new kit reveal on Monday, maybe that break might not be as long as I thought!

Thanks again and up the Rams – this is our year!

Cspaceram & Sspaceram


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  1. Tony (Suffolk Ram)

    It’s been great, well done all. I looked forward to receiving them each day!

  2. Fame at last! Nice one, gonna miss the daily updates…..

    Got a very good feeling about next season.


  3. I cant believe 30 days is over already! I sort of had it in my head that when this ended pre season friendlies would be starting and the Derby County void in my life would be filled!
    Let’s hope nothing goes pear shaped last minute with this Russell deal (Stay away Celtic….STAY away) and that a decent CB is signed*, then I really think we have a season to look forward to!
    Thanks for the last 30 days!
    * It would also be good if as expected Forsyth signs and that super Johnny Brayford extends his contract….!

  4. Thanks chaps. I’ve enjoyed it.

  5. Errrrrrr…are you taking the next 30 days off?? : )

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