Keogh v Shackell the conclusion

Without doubt the strangest move of last summers trading was the sale of Jason Shackell to Burnley.

On paper, selling our most valuable player to fund multiple improvements to the team made sense as people like Jacobs and Coutts started to arrive. However to then replace Shacks (who had not done a lot wrong on the pitch) with a more expensive centre half seemed to completely contradict the plan.

I wrote about this whole saga in detail at the time and there was always the feeling that something didn’t quite add up. The fees were never confirmed properly but the £1.1m Shackell fee just wouldn’t go away. The usual rumours of fall outs with Clough, issues with wives and girlfriends etc swirled around, but all just seemed to have no basis at all.

Richard has a lovely, soft authority with his Rams team mates.

Richard has a lovely, soft authority with his Rams team mates.

One year on, I now wonder if it was much simpler than we all thought.

Clough had spoken to Keogh and Coventry early and knew he could get him for a certain fee. However, based on his budget, couldn’t afford both him and a striker. Having considered his options, maybe Clough simply preferred Keogh to Shacks so did the deal with Burnley. Remember how quick the Keogh deal happened (not standard form by Glick at all) and how Cardiff, packing a significantly bigger wad than us, simply dropped out the bidding suggesting to me there was no bidding and the deal was long done.

Whatever the story, I think no-one would now suggest the move hasn’t been a good one.

I’m not going to storm into slating Shackell for comedy purposes (me and Boab do that every Saturday) but Keogh is a proper captain, who’s very visible expressions, gesticulations and instructions mean that he appears to not wear his heart on his sleeve but stapled to his forehead!

I would say Shackell was a more elegant defender but I don’t ever recall him having the desire to run 10 yards to take an edge of the box, second ball straight in the face. Keogh’s desire and influence in the opposition area is also evident. Not only has he scored 5 goals but, if you check back, he also won us the majority of our penalties

Tonight our captain and player of the year makes his first full international start for Eire against Georgia. Make sure you tune in and cheer him on.

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