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Following yesterday’s lament from 2009 about the state of DCFC youth development, we thought it apt to look where we are now. The youth team has been more or less the same for the past two years but this summer, nine second years graduated with the award of a professional contract. Don’t worry though, the next wave are pushing through and next year could be another boom season. Introducing the next generation…

Jamie Hanson – Starred in the Youth Cup run and has already featured on the first team bench on three occasions after a swift rise through the pecking order. Hanson is now on a professional contract but is still age-wise a second year apprentice. As a centre-back, he’s already played for the U21s against the likes of Waghorn and Vardy, and can also play right-back or midfield.

Charles Vernam – Signed as a school boy from Scunthorpe last season, Vernam has not only been playing and scoring for the youth team but has also started a few times for the U21 side (during the Easter holidays!). Will leave school and join full time this summer and hopes are high. As a bizarre footnote – when I googled him to check the spelling of his surname, I found a story about him having a trial with AC Milan aged 15!

Max Lowe – Another school boy who will go full-time next season. Lowe has played for the youth team all season, as well as representing England at U16 level. A brilliant attacking left-back who I was well impressed with in the youth cup matches.

Jack Tuite – Like the above two, another school boy who will go full time next season after dipping his toe in youth team football this season. Signed from Cherry Orchard (former club of Sammon and O’Brien) Tuite is a defender who represents Ireland at U16 level.

Farrend Rawson and Kurtis Revan – A defender and striker respectively, both have been around the youth team all season and featured for the U21s. With the graduates out the way, this pair could make great progress this season.

Mason Bennett and Kwame Thomas – Despite both featuring in the first team squad two seasons ago, both are still eligible for the youth team next season. Its likely that Bennett will be around the first team squad again, but both are also likely to continue their development at youth and U21 level. I would love to see them both smash a load of goals in age-group football to get some momentum going.


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  1. vernam and bennett are the picks for me in that group. max lowe is getting lots of very good press and kwame thomas gets glowing reports from the youth guru that is darren wassell (what a good addition he seems to be). hanson has looked class when i have seen the few snippets on rams player and tuite comes with some pedigree. all in all the future looks bright as they say and i for one am really pleased with the way the club has turned its excellent facilities into a highly successful and well received youth academy. a smart business model if we can keep bringing them into the first team and progressing at youth level (can’t remember ever hearing of derby doing well in the FA youth cup before!). its clearly part of the re-build of a club that was on its knees and a lot of fans don’t seem to understand the time and money invested in this area as all they want are “barker type fees” to add to the 1st team now (short sighted in my opinion). OB, hughes, hendrick, bennett all coming into the 1st team already and some others on the bench it really would make any young lad think “if they can, why not me?” when choosing us over fester, brum, or the scum down the road (which clough loves pointing out i might add).

    as for Farrend Rawson and Kurtis Revan i have never even heard of them so i will be keeping an eye out for them!

    on a side note i googled mitch hanson as i confused him with jamie for some reason. seems he is/was caretaker manager at eastwood town and is only 24 now!

  2. Thanks for the comments Sam, always enjoy reading your opinion.
    I looked up Mitch Hanson sometime last season as well and think he also does personal training on the side!

  3. Without wishing to lower the tone, the other interesting thing about this lot are their names!

    Half of them sound like RnB superstars whilst Charles Vernham sounds like a baddie opposing centre forward from Roy of the Rovers. Are you sure we got him from Scunny and it wasn’t Carford or Portdean?

    If he ever plays for the Rams first team, he’ll be a cult hero to me before he’s kicked a ball.

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