DCFC Loan Stars

Yesterday, we mentioned that when Nigel first arrived he was a bit over-zealous in the loan market.

Putting that into context, here’s a team full of ex-loanee’s that will leave you thinking “oh yeah, I forgot about him” – at least five times!

DCFC Loan squad


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  1. StevieMitch

    Still wish we had gone for Michael Tonge, and can remember asking myself why on earth Luke Moore had chosen Swansea over us – we’ve been looking for a player like him ever since..but now we have Sammon and Martin. I liked Kuqi’s wholehearted commitment, but as for the others….had indeed forgotten about them and there’s Matt Duke? Javan Vidal? Don’t remember those guys at all!!

  2. StevieMitch

    Meant to add re Luke Moore’s seemingly “dubious” choice: ….but then they got promoted : ) Having said that he doesn’t play too much…..

  3. I think in terms of “try before you buy” both Vidal and Moore failed the attitude test.

    My favourite was Priskin, based purely on the fact I backed him at something daft (think it was 12’s from memory) to score 1st goal at West Ham away!

  4. PS – I didn’t forget Tom Carroll or Jake Livermore. They were just both that rubbish they didn’t even make this squad.

  5. There’s a least half a dozen I’d forgotten about, even though I was giving it plenty of thought – Stoor, Bannan, Tonge and Priskin are all players I forgot we had. Did Duke even make the bench before he got recalled?

    • The piece is based on Clough loans only mate. However I guess you can’t talk about dcfc loans without mentioning Leon, who remains our best loan ever.

    • Seb Hines came to mind but I think it was Jagger or even Chris Hutchings that got him in, immediately before Clough joined. Clough certainly didn’t give him a game!

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