Our top 5 away destinations

Away games are a bit of a luxury nowadays but between us, we still manage a few each season. Over the years we’ve built up a few personal favourites which are certainly not the first ones most fans look out for. Here they are and why (most involve drinking at some stage but you have to remember that I don’t really have nights out anymore!)…


For a few years, QPR away became an institution amongst our group of friends. The train down (beer, papers and chat) then a few drinks in London before the game. A couple of us (including me) love being in London and there’s no ‘away fan’ feel at all as you jump off and on the tube and go wherever you want. The last time we went, it was just me and Simon who did a tour of Shoreditch and Hoxton before arriving at the ground with a huge Sainsbury’s picnic! If ticket prices keep going up, we could be at Brentford this year.


A lot closer than you think (its not really near Newcastle), we arrived several hours before kick off on our last trip. We found a pub next door to the Job Centre and it was rocking on a Tuesday afternoon! We soon found out why when my Dad queried the prices with the barmaid – 3 pints had cost a fiver. There’s a lovely pub en route to the ground with large glass windows where we were served chunky chips and curry sauce in a tray for about a quid last time. The locals have always been hospitable too.

Pre match carnage on Teeside

Pre match carnage on Teeside

Barnsley (or Doncaster)

The perfect after-work away match. As long as you’re not driving, crack open a Polish lager, get the tunes on and you’re there in an hour. Win, lose or draw, you’ll be home in  no time and fresh for work in the morning!

Sheffield Wednesday

You have to get the train for this one. (The refreshments for a 40 minute journey are a running joke with us – I think Jackal and I have the record for Tramlines but that’s a different story). As long as the Police don’t intercept you at the station, Sheffield is a lovely city with plenty of friendly student/alternative pubs (Bungalows and Bears anyone?). You can get a tram to the ground and once again, locals are usually up for some pre-match chat.


…and slam dunking in at number 5, it’s a new entry for Blackburn! This is based solely on our trip this year but it definitely has potential for a repeat. Like ‘Boro, not as far as you might think. There are some nice country pubs within a few miles of the ground and the only danger is being over-run by the hordes of ramblers. It was also the first football league ground where I’ve been able to have a non-meat pie. The fact that it was essentially a cheesey custard pie is incidental.

S Spaceram

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  1. Forest away. guaranteed three points. Boom boom.

  2. a group from the pub i work in edinburgh take a trip to a random ground each year. this year was a terrible game between hull and charlton (they are still in shock hull got promoted). Hull got a big thumbs up for its boozers and pies in the ground but atmosphere was shocking!

    as for blackburn! i wasn’t working in the pub at the time but the trip is now infamous! everything was terrible and they to this day complain about how much of a dive blackburn was. interesting its in ur top 5, especially having eaten a cheesy custard pie!

    • We didn’t actually go near the town of Blackburn, that was probably the secret of success! It was basically a minibus trip with a lengthy country pub stop – the destination could have been anywhere to be honest.

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