Dear John……..

One of the reasons we decided to take on the challenge of “30 days” was that we knew new stories would come up during the period which we could add to our stockpile.

Today Clough has spoken about positive discussions with Bryson about a new deal, but caveated that with the comment that John Brayford “will probably want to have a little look and see what is out there”. No prizes for guessing whats going to happen next.

Clearly John is a popular player who most Rams fans would say is the best right back in the Championship. Thus in the likely event that he is sold, you could almost write the tweets and forum posts now. “lack of investment”, “selling our best players again”, “Yanks don’t want to get promoted” etc etcJohnBrayford_20120808

However if you take a step back from the emotion, selling Brayford actually makes good sense on various levels.

Firstly he’s a top Championship player who is probably at his peak value in terms of age and experience outside the premier league. You would like to think we could get £2m for him but it’s now or never for a fee of that order. If we could command that, it would buy us to at least January to take a view on any serious bids for Hughes or Hendrick.

Secondly, forget Clough’s “he’s only a right back” comment, the truth is we have a ready made replacement in Freeman. Clough has made it clear on more than one occasion how highly he rates Kieran and this is definitely part of the thinking.

Finally, Clough is spot on to say that Brayford has been superb for Derby and deserves a shot at the big time now. Obviously it has to be on our terms, but it would be nice to think we do right by a player who has done right by us. Surely no true Rams fan would begrudge him a move to the Premier League if one came along?

We watch this space with interest.


PS – no one likes a smart arse but re-wind to December and check out my “time to shuffle the pack” article.

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  1. I hope you’re right on the fee – obviously the fact that he’s down to his last year will have a bearing on that.

    If Freeman is indeed earmarked as the replacement, he has big boots to fill, as Brayford was integral to the way we play and at his best, improved the team no end. Freeman is a confident lad – in his Rams Player interview for U’21 POTY, he just basically reiterates that he wants to be in the first team – but can he handle the rigours of a full Championship season? I guess we won’t know until he’s given the chance.

    Personally, I’m gutted that Brayford looks set to go, but such is the way of things and hopefully, he’ll be the first name on my Fantasy Premier League teamsheet come August…

  2. I think the last paragraph sums it up. If we all think that he’s one of the best in the division – which he is – we shouldn’t begrudge him a crack at the big time, with the rewards and challenge that come with that. As Gordon Sting once sang – “if you love someone, set them free”.

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