Day 3 – Alternative goalscorers chart

How many times have you heard people say “if he’d have been playing all season…” speculating about how many goals various players would have scored? Well, wonder no more. Just for fun, here is an alternative goalscorers chart. It takes each players number of goals per game and multiplies it by 49, the maximum number of games anyone could have played this season…

Goalscorers 2012-3

So that’s Ward with 23 goals, Robinson with 15, Tyson with 14 and Ben Davies level with Conor Sammon with 9.

A couple of notes on the data:

1) It uses games all games featured in, rather than starts. This counts against players who came on as sub a lot, mainly Tyson and Robinson. Did you realise that Theo actually featured in 29 games last season, even more than Jamie Ward? Using minutes on the pitch would be interesting but would take ages.

2) It only uses matches played for the Rams and not games on loan.

3) Figures are rounded up or down for obvious reasons

Obviously there is loads of ‘ifs’ and ‘ands’ but if you credit Chris Martin with his two legitimate but disallowed goals, his figure moves up to 15 for the season. If he had also taken and scored 2 of the 4 penalties missed whilst he was here, he moves up to 23! Whoever said he couldn’t be a 20 goals a season man?

S Spaceram


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