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How to get promoted

During the ’30 days’, we’ve called in a few of our friends to make contributions along the way. Today we have the man formerly known as The Hull Fan At Work on duty. I say “formerly known as” as a) I don’t work with him any more and 2) as of June, he won’t be working at all. Most of us saw Derby lose at least once to Hull City last season and were left wondering “how are they at the top and we’re not?”. That’s no disrespect to the Tigers, like us under Silly (okay, that is disrespect) they consistently ground out narrow victories. Whilst I think of a new nickname for TMFKATHFAW (The Man Formerly Known As….), you can read the thoughts of the man himself…

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Postcard from the Netherlands

I’m currently in Holland on a mini football tour with my sons Sunday team. So, as a break from standard Rams commentary, here’s a little insight into how the Dutch roll in terms of their local football. Read the rest of this entry

England v. Ireland preview

We’ve said a few times about international football not being top of our agenda and an England friendly during closed season, without a major tournament on the horizon, is a particularly hard sell. But today is different and for three obvious reasons, we’ll be taking a great interest in the action at Wembley. Read the rest of this entry

28th May Oh Happy day!

Today is the 28th May, so there could only be one thing we could post today.

Sit back and enjoy the best moment in modern Derby County history.

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On trend Management

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing the new Derbyshire CC bookshop and saw a couple of copies of the League Managers Association magazine for 10p. I duly handed over 50p and after a brief awkward ‘over charged in a charity shop’ moment, I headed off, without change, to read the mag in the drizzling rain.

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DCFC Next Gen

Following yesterday’s lament from 2009 about the state of DCFC youth development, we thought it apt to look where we are now. The youth team has been more or less the same for the past two years but this summer, nine second years graduated with the award of a professional contract. Don’t worry though, the next wave are pushing through and next year could be another boom season. Introducing the next generation…

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Lame Academy (excerpt from Who’s Pereplotkins?)

In 2008/9, we were as concerned as Nigel about the lack of young players coming through to play for the Rams. Concerned enough to close the book Who’s Pereplotkins – and other tales from Derby County’s 2008/9 season with a passage about the dire state of our youth development. Here it is (I have to say, I was on the ball a few years ago!)…

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Ramspace Readers Poll(s)

Unbelievably its day 16 of “30 days of Ramspace”. Thanks everyone for all the comments and tweets; they’re all appreciated and definitely make the site more interesting. Next weeks articles are already in the can, so don’t worry about any let up from us!

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The Curious Case of Conor Doyle

I won’t say I was surprised to see that Conor Doyle had been given a contract extension with The Rams – as I’d heard a hint he would – but I did wonder why. However, I’m not about to put the boot into Doyle but wonder what Clough has in mind for the young-ish American.

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DCFC Loan Stars

Yesterday, we mentioned that when Nigel first arrived he was a bit over-zealous in the loan market.

Putting that into context, here’s a team full of ex-loanee’s that will leave you thinking “oh yeah, I forgot about him” – at least five times!

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