January Barometer

It’s usually C Spaceram who does the barometer (and always has done) but just for a one-off, here are the things that are hot and not in my DCFC world…

Going up…

Ben Davies

For the second season running, Ben Davies has shown tremendous bouncebackability to force his way back into the team and make an impact. Not a player you’d always have in the strongest 11 but has once again proved his value to the squad. It also shows that Clough doesn’t always have a hidden agenda for declaring someone “not part of the plans” by allowing it to happen. Another year for Ben anyone?

Kieron Freeman

Finally made a first team start and proved that he can handle Championship football. He may play 8 or 80 games for the Rams but it shows everything that’s wrong at Forest to think that he was constantly overlooked for a dismal parade of has-been loans and journeymen.

The FA Cup

After some dire cup outings in the last few years, we went all guns blazing against Tranmere and got the rewards. The FA Cup can be a nice little money spinner too if we can make some progress. Having said that, a decent team from your own division is always the last thing you want!


It may go against the grain to praise them but it looks like they will literally be going up. Sven showed exactly how not to do it, whilst Pearson has signed younger players on the way up (Drinkwater, Wood, Knockaert, Marshall etc.) The Pearson blueprint is probably what we’d do with more cash.

Going down….

Jimmy O’Connor

After his “bad night at the office” at Leicester, a lot of fans suddenly don’t rate him. A bit harsh in my view as most of the back 5 have dropped clangers this season, although not all on live TV. To me, still a good squad player to cover the back 5 and has made a good contribution this season.

DCFC Official twitter

It’s nice to share some enthusiasm but do they really need to retweet every “C’mon Derby” and “Just bought a ticket…” tweet that comes their way. Or “IT’S MATCHDAY” ten times on matchday? Come on boys, quality not quantity, its getting to spamming proportions.

Colin Bloomfield

Literally going down…south. Comes across as a decent bloke but I’m not personally a fan of him and Roger Davies in tandem. Ed Dawes will take the reins for a while and if previous commentaries are anything to go by, will keep Davies on his toes in a less cosy relationship.

The Youth Team

The Rams are widely acknowledged to have one of the most productive academies in the country at the moment… except the youth team haven’t won a league match this season! I know its not all about results at this age but its difficult to put a positive spin on 9 defeats out of 12. Come on Wass, sort it out!


Just everything about them, on and off the pitch.


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  1. FA Cup prize money – £67,500 for beating Tranmere, another £90,000 if we beat Blackburn, plus extra gate receipts too. Not huge, but not to be sniffed at either and certainly incentive enough to have a right go.

    Re O’Connor, I’m afraid I think he’s much more error-prone than any of our other defenders, seemingly make at least one real howler per game. He’s a bit of a flapper, his positional sense can be suspect and I don’t think he’s very good in the air, either. Overall, one of the poorer players in the squad, although I guess if a player comes advertised as utility / cover defender, you can’t expect too much. As ever, I hope he proves me wrong.

    Good point re the youth team, although it’s worth remembering that Hughes and Bennett are still young enough to play in it! As long as they’re learning to play the right way, that’s the main thing.

  2. Great point about Freeman and Forests parade of rubbish & expensive full backs. Ive used that on several of my Forest acquintances this week.

    I think Jimmy OC is getting a rough ride due to his fiasco at Leicester being so in the public eye. Obviously Bucko (quite rightly) enjoys cult status but I think if his humiliating mauling by Glen Murray had been more widely viewed there would be a few questions about him too. I think the reality is that all of our 3 “other” centre halves should probably be 3rd choice.

    Finally on the youth team, I agree with Ollie that developing the players should always take priority over results. However if our next crop is as good as we keep hearing, then theres something not right with losing nearly all your games. Wishful thinking and no doubt he will probably roll up at Donny again, but I’d still like to see SOD join our academy set up somwehere.

  3. Re:Colin Bloomfield.

    I actually like him. I found Ed Dawes quite irritating, it was like listening to a fan-boy or one of our demanding fans.

    It’s no surprise that Bloomfield is a Shrewsbury fan and I actually think he brought a bit of detachment; he played devil’s advocate but always seemed to be supportive of what Clough is doing under the circumstances*. Also, I found that he showed a bit of tact when interviewing Nigel Clough who can be prickly after a defeat. Colin Gibson could be fairly direct.

    * Quite interesting to see Dean Saunders say it’ll take a couple of years

  4. * Quite interesting to see Dean Saunders the new Wolves manager say it’ll take a couple of years to shift out his big earners as he intends to reduce his bloated squad from 40 to a core of 25. It reminded me of the task that faced Clough when he first joined us four years ago.

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