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Season Crossroads

After Saturdays spirit crushing surrender to Blackburn in the FA Cup, it’s no surprise to hear many Rams fans again questioning Clough and where exactly out team and club are heading.

We are now out of both cups. Realistically, we can’t go up, we can’t go down and we’ve even concluded our business with the Red Dogs for another season, so I can’t be the only Rams fan who, right now, is looking forward more to watching Chanderpaul lead Derbyshire’s division 1 campaign than I am Huddersfield at home on Saturday. Read the rest of this entry


Derby Youth Cup Win Post Match Thoughts

It’s job swap month at Ramspace, so following SSpaceram’s recent barometer herewith my thoughts on tonight’s 3-2 win over Ipswich in the FA Youth Cup at a bitterly cold Pride Park.

If you want a match report, you can get that from the DET or the official site, but here are some general thoughts. Read the rest of this entry

January Barometer

It’s usually C Spaceram who does the barometer (and always has done) but just for a one-off, here are the things that are hot and not in my DCFC world…

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