Post Match Bullets – Peterborough

“Bad day at the office” is  phrase often used in football, but it doesn’t even come close to describing the events at London Road yesterday. Maybe turning up to work feeling good and accidentally burning the place down might be a better analogy.

Similar to Huddersfield, the Rams arrived feeling confident and with a big support behind them only to self destruct against enthusiastic but inferior opposition. Here’s my thoughts on yesterday’s fiasco.

  • Top priority for training this weeks needs to be shooting. Not in so much as making it better, but in so much as encouraging everybody to do it all. The amount of times we could have pulled the trigger and chose to take an extra touch or nudge it on to someone else was ridiculous. The stats say we had 51% possession (take it from me that was distorted by the last 10 minutes of 10 men and 3 at the back – at least 55% was more accurate) yet they somehow had 19 shots to our 9.
  • Next on the training agenda needs to be set piece delivery. Its shocking. We had 4 or 5 corners and good free kicks which were wasted before their first corner, which caused havoc before their centre half scissor kick volleyed it into the top corner from 20 yards (probably with his eyes shut and tongue out). Likewise our final ball is not good enough. Even without Bryson, we out passed them in midfield but just didn’t get the final quality into the box.
  • Theo’s miss just after half time was the key moment in the game. To not net that from 5 yards out was inexplicable and I’m sure would have set  us up to win the game. For all the merits of our various strikers, we still don’t have a natural finisher amongst them.
  • The second Peterborough goal killed the game and summed up our day. By any standard Legzdins performance was outstanding and his penalty save (error from Keogh who then took Boyd out in anger) was as good as anything i’ve ever seen from a Rams keeper. With half a mind on bowling the ball back out he then drops not much more than a passback shot into his own net. I hope he keeps is head up because he’s a cracking keeper and was definitely ahead of Frank until that moment.
  • As much as I love Derby fans and the great atmosphere at away games, it has to be said, we do have some wankers in our number. These are not the beer fuelled young lads who sing up the team from start to finish but usually a splattering of grizzly 45-55 year old blokes who like to boom abuse at Clough or Theo (and now Sammon) at the slightest bad turn of events. I honestly don’t know why they bother. To the moron sat in front of me yesterday shouting abuse at Clough for Tyson, totally out of context, for a solid 20 minutes – he came on and was rubbish and you sir are an embarrassment to all decent Derby fans

All in all a shocker of a game. But as pointed out by SSpaceram, you get more points for 1 win than 2 draws, so let’s get Wardy and Bryson back and get at least 4 points from these next two home games.



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  1. Agree on the support, but what team isn’t in that boat? The two desultory rounds of “You don’t know what you’re doing” were embarrasing. The 30-40 minutes of full on “Woa-oooo-oa-ah”, or whatever it was, were magic and more than made up for it.

    Typical of Derby in the last few years to lose that. We win and we’d have been 8th or 9th and looking excitedly at the play-offs. As it is, back to the bottom half and message-boards full of “I told you Clough was useless. Sack the board”. Dispiriting. Need to bounce back.

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