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I wasn’t planning to write anything after the match, regardless of the outcome, as last weeks piece was more a “big picture” article. However, judging by the hits and messages we’re getting, a few people want us to throw our two penneth in. WARNING – the following article may contain strong Derby County bias and may be ironic in places. If you struggle with either, please don’t read on.

Here’s a few observations:

The sending off was a touch harsh but Blackstock did elbow Keogh full in the face. If you “accidently” kick someone on the knee, you will get a card and this was no different. The ref had to make a snap decision on the colour. A couple of things would have influenced his decision 1) In my experience, if you are constantly moaning and shouting at the ref, he’s not going to look on you sympathetically when you’re the offender. Blackstock was constantly in the refs face in the first half as he got bullied in his personal duel with Buckobauer. 2) The Forest players, mainly Reid, Cohen (like last year) and Blackstock were constantly badgering the ref to send someone off. Trying to get the ref to see malice in every blood and thunder tackle. Careful what you wish for fellas.

Although the sending off was a turning point, switching Hughes to the middle was equally important in my view. The Forest midfield remained the same after the sending off but the same four were completed dominated by the extra man. The main impact of the sending off was that Forest no longer had an outlet for their preferred “direct pass” (a.k.a. long ball) and didn’t do anything differently until it was too late.

Talking about game management, I think we’ve stumbled across a brilliant tactic to finally see out matches. Get your centre forward to do star jumps in front of the opposition keeper when he’s trying to kick it out. This wastes at least 30 seconds and then the subsequent booking argument with the ref wastes the same again. Do this twice and you’ve wasted a massive chunk of time at the business end of the game. Not advisable if you’re losing.

After the sending off, you could really see the lack of spirit in the Forest team that comes with throwing a group of individuals together. As much as I don’t like Andy Reid, he was probably the only player that you could tell was hurting from the situation, given his history with the club and area. You can debate the merits of individual players all day (and Forest have some good ones) but it still feels like we’re doing the right thing in getting a tight knit, affordable squad together.

Anyone else got any thoughts?

S Spaceram


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  1. That was a really good result for Derby. We defended well throughout the game. And the one real moment of quality in the game (produced by either team) resulted in a massively important and good goal!
    As great as this is! We need to build on this and follow up with another 3 points in the next two games.
    Blackstock might have been unlucky but you can never account for the referee. Im sure we will get a similarly unlucky decision go against us this season I’m sure ( think Ipswich away last season!)

    Roll on Wednesday!

  2. Sending off was harsh but If you want bad refereeing decisions, look no further than Fieldings sending off last season or the whole Stuart Atwell fiasco. I was a bit concerned we didn’t go for the kill after the first goal, but after criticising Cloughs game management in the last few weeks, he got it spot on today.

    Even with 10 men he was right to flood midfield and restrict the supply to Cox (who looked good) and latterly Sharp (who looked fat).

    Rams had many heroes but Keogh and Bucko were immense. Especially Jake playing on a yellow for so long. Let’s hope we can now take it on.

    Get in you Super Rams!

  3. Spot on article. Blackstock was asking for it and Im surprised SOD didn’t remove him at the break. Karma is also a bitch for our red friends in regards to their post match slating of the ref. Remember Attwell at Pride Park? Which of these decisions were more blatantly shocking/bewildering??

  4. I tend to think you won’t get much comment from Forest fans this time around. The two Forest fans I have “spoken” to since the game finished have both described the ref’s performance as abysmal but that misses the point that this had a more negative effect on us. Roberts’ booking was harsh, Theo should have had free kick on the edge of the area in the dying minutes and, most of all, Cox should have been sent off for the disgraceful studs up hacking of Brayford in the first half.
    Thought the decision to stick Boris in central midfield really made the difference for us in the second half and of course Bucko was immense throughout. Cracking save from Fielding too at the death.
    Come on you Rams!

  5. The part about star jumps made me laugh out loud!

    What WERE they thinking? Why would the Florist strikers want to waste time when they were desperate for a goal?

    Maybe they were hoping to do a Gary Crosby!

    My personal opinion is that the ref is a closet Ram and booked them for wearing red shirts.

  6. I don’t think Blackstock’s sending off was particularly harsh to be honest. He knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere near the ball, knew ref had been lenient so far and decided to have a free pop at Keogh. Deliberate elbow to head equals straight red. You just need to look at their disciplinary record to know this game wasn’t out of character.

    Keogh was immense.

    Only negative was Ward’s injury – hopefully will give opportunity for Robinson, Bennett or Jacobs to step up.

    • I did wonder whether the “free pop” was actually intended for Bucko and Keogh ended up taking it on his behalf! Agree about Ward – it shows how much better our squad is that we have a choice of decent players to bring in.

  7. I was pleasantly surprised at Jacobs’ little cameo, after coming from League Two into a game like that he looked really calm. Im sure he’ll replace Wardy well.

  8. I thought the way we handled the game after the sending-off was admirable. I was horrendously nervous for the entire first half, but in the second half, barely a stirring until the last few minutes, when Forest starting bombing Hail Marys into the box and it ricocheted everywhere.

    Once Hughes moved into the middle of the park, we controlled the game. He’s absolutely brilliant.

    Clough has a decision to make, because Hughes needs to play central, but how do you drop Hendrick or Bryson? To me, Ward’s injury means you line up 4-3-3, with Jacobs left, Coutts right and Sammon in the centre. Certainly for the Boro game.

  9. I agree with you Ollie that we will definitely go 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 for Boro, but suspect Tyson might get the nod over Jacobs. Unless for some reason we don’t know yet, Nathan’s made it onto Clough’s infamous non grata list!

    • There may be a hint from today’s u21 game. Jacobs started but neither Theo out Tyson were involved.

      • Ah yes, very good shout. In the case, he’ll likely stick with 4-4-2 and replace Ward with Theo, who seems to be ahead of Tyson at the moment.

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