A mad day on Ramspace

Wow! What a crazy day on Ramspace! What started with a quick post to cheer up the old faithful readers on a Friday ended up with our daily hits record doubled (and counting), more comments than we knew what to do with and our first virtual threat…

I had the idea of a pre-match post last night and with the ideas fresh, banged up Forest’s Dirty Dozen first thing this morning. I tweeted to my small band of followers and hits tend to come steadily after that, usually with a nudge from my brother. Site regulars know what we’re about – we’re not a news site or representing anyone – we just give an opinion, throw in some gags and lace our articles with a heavy dose of irony. Unfortunately, this was lost on some of our new friends visiting from Nottingham.

Within an hour of C Spaceram adding #nffc to his twitter alert, I had a stream of abuse and even a threat to “watch my back” when I’m next in Notts (the same chap also called me “an illiterate sports journalist” then made the classic your/you’re error – tut, tut).  There were other insults that I didn’t approve too, mainly because it got boring after a while and no one made a decent point.

Credit to one of the Forest fans, Andy, who stuck around and eventually engaged in some debate / banter with some other readers. He was also the only Forest fan to stick up for his club and players. Despite the insults about inaccuracies, only one specific point was queried by anyone else – my throwaway comment about Billy Sharp succeeding at clubs “with 6,000 gates”. Someone researched Donny’s average home crowd and pointed out it was above 6,000.

So now onto Sunday. For the record, I don’t think Forest are a bad side at all. The point was more about FFP and how the “boom or bust” that the last regime was keen to end has just rolled on.

Fingers crossed for Sunday but win lose or draw, I still think we’re in a better place.

S Spaceram


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