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Forest – Post match

I wasn’t planning to write anything after the match, regardless of the outcome, as last weeks piece was more a “big picture” article. However, judging by the hits and messages we’re getting, a few people want us to throw our two penneth in. WARNING – the following article may contain strong Derby County bias and may be ironic in places. If you struggle with either, please don’t read on.

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A mad day on Ramspace

Wow! What a crazy day on Ramspace! What started with a quick post to cheer up the old faithful readers on a Friday ended up with our daily hits record doubled (and counting), more comments than we knew what to do with and our first virtual threat…

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Forest’s Dirty Dozen

The summer saw Forest yet again throw money around to assemble their latest crop of mercenaries and hired guns. Going against all theories of good financial management in football, the Red Dogs have managed to find a group who are almost all on a downward trajectory in their career and on premium wages with little resale value. Up to half the team at any one time are borrowed. The policy left them in financial tatters last year but instead of learning, they’ve just found some other mugs to bankroll it.

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Moving Forward or More of the Same?

Rather than do a direct post match thoughts (Nathan, our lawyers will be in touch) from yesterdays frustrating defeat to Burnley, with eight games gone (including Scunthorpe), I thought it would be more interesting to discuss some general early thoughts on the Rams prospects of success this year. Read the rest of this entry

Ramspace bits and bobs

With the international break with us and the transfer window closed, here are a few bits and pieces that we’ve been talking about. Read the rest of this entry