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Following the glorious signing of Richard Keogh from Coventry last week, the phrase ‘a weeks a long time in football’ has never been so apt.

Whilst the signing of Keogh is obviously great news and a massive boost for everyone (Keogh choosing us over Cardiff & Leeds, paying a decent fee, Shackell suitably replaced), the loose detail we have around the deal raises more questions than it answers about the sale of Shackell.

Ken Bates did his best but Keogh was set on Derby all the way.

When Shackell was sold, the official line was, “we can replace him and strengthen other areas of the team with the money.” That’s fine if he was sold for £2m plus, but the much quoted £1.1m fee didn’t add up and sent the majority of Rams fans into meltdown.

Now it would appear that the fee we have paid for Keogh is ‘in excess of £1m’ and ‘the highest fee paid out by Nigel Clough at Derby’. Even Clough himself admitted we had ‘pushed the boat out’ to get the deal done. To my mind, this raises several questions which may or may not get answered as time goes by.

Did we really only get £1.1m for Shackell? Say what you like about Glick, but he’s no mug. What if the first payment was £1.1m going up to say £1.5 or nearer £2m with appearances or staged payments? As an aside, in the event that we did get significantly more then the £1.1m, Glick must have balls of steel to take the abuse that he did over the move.

If you thought that was a bad deal, Forest have just bid £10m for Kuwaiti keeper Khalid Al-Rashidi.

Was there an issue with Shackell? Any CV with regular changes of employer raises a question about the individual and Shacks does seem to like his moves. I’ve heard whispers of a promised contract review that didn’t go to plan and there’s also the story that he was 1 or 2 appearances off us paying Barnsley another £250k. Maybe it was as simple as Clough thinking a fee plus saved £250k equals Keogh who is 4 years younger, at least as good and potentially a significantly bigger sell on value.

Did GSE misjudge the fans response to the Shackell sale? This ones a bit of curveball, but it seems strange that we went from one day selling our skipper for peanuts and looking at unemployed Scottish defenders as replacements, to Clough breaking his transfer record and bidding £500k for a reserve left back! All this and we haven’t even signed a striker yet. Maybe against the backdrop of fan revolt and Forest getting a significant windfall (which now seems to be a shit storm) the shackles (sorry) have been loosened a tad?

One thing that will be interesting when Glick leaves DCFC is to see how much of the Rams policy comes off his desk and how much is GSE directive. Whatever the answer, there is no doubt that Glick seems to have abandoned his notorious ponderous approach to transfer dealings in nailing the deals for Keogh and Coutts. I am sure that somebody somewhere (perhaps Tom himself) had Glick’s departure (3 weeks before the transfer window closes don’t forget) in mind with our “pro-active” closing of these deals.

Whatever the answers to the above, the ends certainly justify the means and, whilst I have maximum respect for Shacks, I can’t wait to see Keogh in a Rams shirt. Now if we can bag a top striker it might be time to get really excited.


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  1. Jonathan Rodgers

    Good article. Like most Rams fans, I feel quite euphoric about the Keogh signing but it doesn’t seem to fit with stated plan to sell Shackell and still have some cash left over for strengthening other parts of the team. I reckon NC’s top target was always Joel Lynch (no transfer fee and cover at left back) but when this fell through, NC and Glick were forced into “pushing the boat out” on Keogh. Brilliant though the signing is, I reckon this leaves us “over budget” in terms of getting a “rental” striker in and/or left back cover. Of course, getting reasonable fees in for Davies and Bailey might give us a bit of leeway. Time will tell!

  2. Re White – I think that was always an ‘either / or’ scenario – don’t think we’d have been able to sign both him and Keogh.

    Interesting point about the add-ons for Shackell, I think you could be right there.

    On ‘unemployed Scottish defenders’, I guess you mean Kenneth – there was never any serious suggestion we wanted him and there was of course that somewhat forlorn interview he gave to a Scottish paper, saying that his phone had remained resolutely silent all summer. In the absence of any official news, we were all looking for the new man – I was as guilty as anyone else, playing Inspector Clouseau and coming up with the name of Magnus Okuonghae…

    Keogh was definitely the number one target all along. The only slight problem is that we have lost Callum Ball for the season and with the bulk of our transfer money now gone, as you say, ‘we haven’t even signed a striker yet’.

    Hopefully, that £300,000 for Varney can be added to whatever we get for Davies and Bailey and it might add up to a decent signing.

  3. As you both suggest, with Ball gone, attention has to now be on getting at least one striker in.

    To that end I think you’ll see decisive action on Steve Davies next week. By that I mean we’ll sort something with Ipswich or you may even see a U-turn and a statement that he’s now staying until January. “We’ve spoken to Steven and he understands our position etc”

    With regard to Bails, maybe now Barnsley have sorted the fee with Norwich for Butterfield, they’ll come in with a firm bid?

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