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What’s on our mind

There’s so much to talk about in pre-season that sometimes 140 characters just aren’t enough for the cerebral readers of Ramspace. So, take a few minutes to ponder some of the issues of the day with us as we share our thoughts. Pour yourself a coffee, cup of tea, or crack open a Polish lager in the back of your mates car…

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Post Match Thoughts – Mansfield

Last night, along with just over 1000 other Rams fans, a few of us went up to Mansfield for the first friendly of the season.

Whilst the game was clearly a ‘loosener’, with Clough subbing the whole team at half time, herewith a few points of note from last nights action. Read the rest of this entry

Reasons Undisclosed

Following the glorious signing of Richard Keogh from Coventry last week, the phrase ‘a weeks a long time in football’ has never been so apt.

Whilst the signing of Keogh is obviously great news and a massive boost for everyone (Keogh choosing us over Cardiff & Leeds, paying a decent fee, Shackell suitably replaced), the loose detail we have around the deal raises more questions than it answers about the sale of Shackell. Read the rest of this entry

New Boys – Paul Coutts

Whilst we still wait with baited breath to see who Nigel has got ‘lined up’ to replace Shackell an who exactly is going to be our next level striker, Paul Coutts has arrived from Preston for a reported £150k.

Whilst Coutts ticks most of Nigel’s usual criteria (aged 20-24, potential to get better, played well against us, has issues at previous club, low wages) most Rams fans won’t know too much about him. Thus here’s the low down from his two previous clubs. Read the rest of this entry

Departure Lounge – Miles Addison

Miles Addison’s Rams career reached its predictable and anti-climatic end yesterday, with a low key “undisclosed” move to Bournemouth. He was the Rams longest serving player, popular with the fans and a former England Under 21 international. However, injuries took their toll and unfortunately, it just wasn’t to be. Read the rest of this entry

The Jason Shackell sale

I wouldn’t say the sale of Jason Shackell has divided opinion – I think almost everyone wanted him to stay. People have tried to rationalise it and some are reserving judgement until all our business is concluded; but there is no doubt it hurts to sell your captain for what appears to be a modest fee.

To me, there are several details of the whole saga that don’t quite add up, or at least have explanations that aren’t public knowledge.

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