Chris Maguire – A Case for the Defence

Last week Chris Maguire finally completed his widely predicted move away from Derby to Sheffield Wednesday. With little or no significant show of feeling from the Rams fanbase, the transfer, like his short Derby career ending up being a bit of a non event.

Unsure of the protocol at his new club, Chris just smiled politely when asked to take Andy Garners training briefs to the laundry room.

In a brief interview following the move, Maguire, not surprisingly, had a bit to say regarding his treatment during his year with the Rams. To be fair to him, I for one, had to agree he had a point.

The best comparison I can think of in recent history is probably Rob Earnshaw. Amongst a glut of new signings, Earnie didn’t make the first team cut at the start of the season and it just stayed that way. Even when we were desperate for something different, Earnie was nowhere to be seen. You can pretty much cut and paste that for Maguire.

Of the three games Maguire actually started two were probably our worst two collective team performances of the season (certainly at home) against Shrewsbury and Cardiff yet he still scored two goals. Add that to the three he scored in eleven for Pompey, multiply it by four and you can use Steve Davies logic to arrive at a twenty goal striker. Yet somehow Nigel seems gutted to lose Davies yet treats Maguire as though he ran over his cat and laughed about it.

Indeed there were various occasions last season where Maguire’s exclusion from the bench in favour of Bennett and/or Ball seemed almost spiteful.

Of course we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and we know for a fact there was at least one altercation between manager and player. However, accepting, there are ways of means of doing things, surely any player in Maguires position is entitled to ask the question?

With a reported £200k loss on the deal, this was not one of Nigel’s best bits of work. Still there’s an early chance to recoup some of the loss by lumping on him for first goal when he returns to Pride Park on the first day of next season with Wednesday.



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  1. Disappointed about how it worked out. I thought Maguire was deserving of another opportunity after his successful loan spell at Portsmouth but it seems it was more a case of putting him in the shop window.

    Clough said on the OS that Maguire seemed ‘to find it difficult to do what the management staff asked of him’ (paraphrase). It seems that somehow relations between manager and player broke down along the way.

    I’d not be surprised if Dave Jones extracts better from Maguire and he is a success at Sheff Weds.

    In no way I am excusing the money lost on the transfer but we’ve made far bigger losses (Claude Davis) that have damaged the club. Clough at least sorted out his own problem. It’s also a case that some signings work out, others don’t. We picked Jamie Ward for £300k after he fell out with Micky Adams; a temperamental player at times, he seems to have flourished under Clough.

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