Tiptoe Through the True Bits

With the season now being over for well over a month, there has still yet to be a confirmed inward or outward transaction involving Derby County in this current transfer window. However with the rumour mill turning at a frantic rate of knots with regard to outward transfers, a minimal amount of half-truths to pacify us on the other side of the balance sheet and a couple fo curveballs from Steve Davies and Tom Glick, Rams fans are becoming increasingly nervous of how this summer is going to shape up.

What makes this window fundamentally different to any other in the Clough era, is that the current team is not shit.

It’s widely accepted that 2 or 3 quality signings (and in many quarters just a decent striker) would have us well in the mix for the play offs this coming season. However it’s also now abundantly clear that, in order to add that quality, we need to generate some funds by moving people out.

Clough often references Southampton and Reading as having built their success on selling key players and re-investing the proceeds into the squad. This is fine when you have £7m-£10m coming into the club, but when we read of bids “in excess of £1m” for Shackell from a lesser team than us in Burnley, it’s not quite the same vibe.

Clearly the club have no control over incoming bids and can’t do anymore than turn them down. I just wish Clough would be a bit more bold in his statements about selling players for the right price, so we can all sleep a bit easier at night – particularly where Shackell is concerned. However with Burnley about to trouser the best part of £7m, I fear we haven’t heard the last of that one.

At the start of this window, all the talk was about adding a top quality striker and perhaps a creative winger. However with the Steve Davies situation and the rumoured, inexplicable, Premier league bidding war for Theo, we may see up to 3 new strikers next year. If you count Tyson and Maguire as not having contributed last season you could reasonably make that 5! However it works out, I think we’ll be seeing a brand new Rams strike force next year, which will be an exciting prospect.

With no news on our new kit supplier, our chief executive and figurehead on his way out and rumours of a Kuwaiti takeover at Forest, to add to all the transfer uncertainties, it’s a strange old time to be a Rams fan.

At least the fixtures are out next week, which is probably the one thing we can be certain about at the moment!


PS – Apologies to my favourite band Los Campesinos! from whom I blatantly stole the title of this piece.


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