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Departure Lounge – Paul Green

The ginger haired midfielder had a mixed Rams career, not helped by injury. He never quite scored or provided as many goals as promised and after beginning as a dynamic central midfielder, he ended filling a wide role, not his preferred position. Despite being an international and being linked with top flight clubs, he finally left for nothing to join a mediocre Championship side after a deceptively long stay. But enough about Stephen Pearson, here’s Paul Green’s Departure Lounge… Read the rest of this entry


Chris Maguire – A Case for the Defence

Last week Chris Maguire finally completed his widely predicted move away from Derby to Sheffield Wednesday. With little or no significant show of feeling from the Rams fanbase, the transfer, like his short Derby career ending up being a bit of a non event.

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Rams Academy produces International

With the Rams Academy in the spotlight more than ever, there is great optimism that we might produce a player who could really “make it” now that the conveyor belt has started rolling. What has gone under the radar is that an Academy graduate made his international debut a couple of weeks ago in a friendly against Croatia. The only problem is – we released him almost two years to the day.

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Tiptoe Through the True Bits

With the season now being over for well over a month, there has still yet to be a confirmed inward or outward transaction involving Derby County in this current transfer window. However with the rumour mill turning at a frantic rate of knots with regard to outward transfers, a minimal amount of half-truths to pacify us on the other side of the balance sheet and a couple fo curveballs from Steve Davies and Tom Glick, Rams fans are becoming increasingly nervous of how this summer is going to shape up.

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