Ramspace Survey – Results are in

The results are in for our first readers survey. It’s the first one we’ve done and although the questions could have been a bit better (!), we had a great response with 61 replies. Over the years, we’ve learnt that Ramspace readers are an intelligent bunch and although opinions may differ, the sample is good. Here’s what Ramspace readers think of the 2011/2 season…

1) How would you rate the season?

The average ranking was 6.55 out of 10.

No one ranked the season above an 8 but half ranked it a 7. The lowest mark awarded was 4/10.

2) How did this compare with your pre-season expecations?

The majority, 65%, felt the season was “as expected”, with 32% having their expecations exceeded. Just 2 people felt the season was below their expectation.

This was interesting as many people, including me, predicted “top 8” pre-season. However, I think the way the season panned out (less loan players, more young players, squad overhauling) is probably worth a couple of places.

3) Player of the season?

"I'd like to thank all the readers of Ramspace..."

 A two horse race won by Jason Shackell who got 48% of the votes compared to Craig Bryson’s 42%.


Gareth Roberts came third, followed by Frank Fielding. Theo and Ward got a couple of votes each and Hendrick one.


4) Who has been your surprise package of the season?

 A tie between Jeff Hendrick and Theo Robinson, who both polled 35% of the votes.

Bryson and Bucko came next, both gaining 13% of the votes, whilst Tom Naylor and Gareth Roberts were also voted for.

 5) What’s the priority for the summer?

The most popular response, as you might expect was for a centre forward, voted for by 53% of readers.

Surprisingly, given Barker’s injury, the second most popular vote was for a winger (32%). Almost all votes were cast before Paul Green declined a new contract.

A central defender was a priority for 15%, whilst a few people said a left back should top the list.

Among the comments were several which looked to address the lack of creativity, whether it be an attacking midfielder or a Bueno style striker.

 6) Who would be your preferred forward pairing?

A big majority verdict here on your preferred strikers, with 85% including Steve Davies and 74% Theo Robinson.

There was no great consensus on who else might be a viable option, with 11.5% opting for Nathan Tyson, the same number for Jamie Ward and Callum Ball polling only one vote fewer. Chris Maguire’s form at Pompey persuaded only 6.6% that he should be starting and one person opted for Mason Bennett.

The striker dilemma seems the biggest issues at the moment and we’ve got an article almost ready to discuss this in the next few days.

7) Which of these players have you changed your opinion of the most this season?

46% voted for Theo Robinson here after going from pre-season reserve to first choice striker.

36% opted for Gareth Roberts and 13% for Jake Buxton.

8) Loan signing you wouldn’t have bothered with?

More than one choice could have been selected here, which meant that 80+ votes were cast. Of those, 61% voted that they wouldn’t have bothered signing Tom Carroll, whilst 47.5% wouldn’t have signed Ryan Noble.

Priskin and Kilbane polled 25% and 10% respectively.

No one would have anything personal against Tom Carroll but it remains a mystery why he started 8 consecutive games where we went behind first in all but one and failed to lead once with him on the pitch.

Priskin and Noble didn’t do a lot but came at a time when we needed strikers in the squad, whilst Kilbane was in my view a “must” at the time due to a Roberts injury.

The lack of success of loan signings this year suggests that we will be looking for answers within again next season, although don’t rule out a season long Premier League player for the right position.


Overall, almost everyone who responded could see some gradual improvement although for some this was steady and unlikely to take us anywhere soon. Others, however, saw us on the cusp of something with comments such as “good times around the corner”, “enjoyable and promising [season]” and a few looking forward to the next campaign.

No one was particularly downbeat, although “lack of quality” came up a couple of times.

One reader said we were lucky not to get in the play-off’s as this would have been an “embarrassing disaster”, although I’m not sure if this referred to the play-off’s themselves or if we had won them (aggregate scores against play-off teams suggest we would have competed at least). A backhanded compliment about a top half finish perhaps!

As for Ramspace, thanks for all the “keep up the good work” comments. We had a couple of people asking for more of the old comedy articles (we like doing them and our End of Season Awards should cheer you up) and a few people asking for more regular updates and a return of the Journals! We’ll take it all on board.

From our perspective, we always enjoy comments and the chance to air an opinion without getting pounced on forum-style, so thanks to those who contribute.

Thanks for your continued support.

C Spaceram andS Spaceram


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