A Profitable Summer

Despite making nine permanent signings in the summer, quite a few fans remained underwhelmed by the acquisition of players “already here” (i.e. had been on loan) or “we’ve never heard of” (e.g. Bryson). The lack of an expensive striker only served to fan the flames. However, it’s only when I planned an “evaluation” style article that I realised quite what good business Clough carried out last summer.

It may not quite be a full house but every batch of signings will have a couple that don’t work out (or in Liverpool’s case, a couple that do work out). In the context of the latest financial figures, the Rams’ plan to recruit young players who will develop and increase in value is essential to long term operations. By my estimations, I reckon our summer outlay has more than doubled in value. I’ve tried to be realistic on valuations and you may not agree exactly but hopefully you’ll get the point. (Signing fees also a best guess in the age of “undisclosed fees”).

 Craig Bryson

Candidate for player of the year, ever present when fit, which is most of the time.

 Fee:  £350k                   Value: £1m           Profit/Loss: £650k

 Jamie Ward

Blistering first half of the season saw him linked with a big money move to Leicester. One of few Rams players with a bit of “magic”.

 Fee:  £400k                   Value: £1.2m                 Profit/Loss: £800k

 Adam Legzdins

We haven’t seen much of him but highly rated at the club. Being a young keeper comfortable in the Championship would have increased his stock.

 Fee:  £100k                   Value: £200k                 Profit/Loss: £100k

Nathan Tyson

Came on a Bosman so although no transfer fee, there would have been a signing-on fee. Unlike most others, not signed as a developing player but still maintains some worth – break even as it stands.

 Fee:  N/A              Value: N/A            Profit/Loss: N/A

 Theo Robinson

Surprise package of the season, Theo has outscored many more expensive players at this level (CMS, Miller, Derbyshire, Baldock etc.).

 Fee:  £150k                   Value: £500k                 Profit/Loss: £350k

 Chris Riggott

A shame it didn’t work out but on a mainly pay-as-you-play contract it was worth a punt.

 Fee:  N/A              Value: N/A            Profit/Loss: N/A

 Jason Shackell

This man cost the same as Jonathan Greening

Shacks has been immense this season and also has a shout for Player of the Year. When you look at Leicester’s Matt Mills debacle, you realise what good business this was.

 Fee:  £750k                   Value: £2.5m                 Profit/Loss: £1.75m

 Frank Fielding

A good first season for Frank has even seen him invited to join the England seniors. 

 Fee:  £400k                   Value: £1m           Profit/Loss: £600k

 Chris Maguire 

The only one of the bunch that hasn’t worked out (except Riggott who doesn’t really count). However, given his age and form at Pompey, its unlikely we’d lose much on Maguire if he was to move on.

 Fee:  £470k                   Value: £200k                 Profit/Loss: -£270k


Estimated Total outlay = £2.62m                 Estimated current value = £6.6m 


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