DCFC Barometer

It’s been ages since we’ve done one of these, so a new Barometer is well overdue.

Thus before we get into the summer and the transfer rumour mill winds back up into gear, here’s my view of what currently hot and what’s currently not in the world of Derby County.

Theo Robinson  – I’ve always enjoyed Theo and it’s great to see him now being appreciated by the majority of Rams fans. Don’t forget it was only a few months ago he was being openly slated at matches and was receiving personal abuse on twitter. He was never signed to be our “Billy Sharp” and his progress this year has been great to watch. Bear in mind he missed a good 6 weeks through injury, this stat (thanks Simon) seals the deal for me. Theo – £150k – App 23 (12) – 11 goals, Craig Mackail-Smith – £3m – App 39 (5) – 10 goals.

Remember this face. You'll have no problem noticing him at night matches.

Forest Doubled – There’s no question that when we look back on this season, the doubling of the Red Dogs will be the major highlight. What’s more there was no debate or on the pitch (more on the other stuff below) controversy, we just outplayed them in both games and deservedly won each time. With Forest continuing to haemorrhage millions, the Doughty estate “considering their position” at the end of the season and half the first team squad out of contract (Chambers for Derby anyone?) there’s hopefully more fun to come at their expense next season.

New Kit and Kappa Rumours – The long running Adidas kit deal struck by the League of Gentlemen administration is up this summer and for the first time in around 3 years I’m excited for the new kit. The hot tip is that Kappa have won the contract which would definitely be interesting. Lets hope it’s more 80’s hooligan chic than those figure hugging Wales and Italy tops from a few years ago!

Will Hughes – With all the noise around Mason Bennett, this guy seems to often go under the radar but he’s a regular for England U-17 and is more than doing the business for them alongside a team chock full of Premier League big 5 starlets. It will be great to see how this young maestro progresses towards the first team in the coming year, as long as one of the Manchester clubs doesn’t bag him first.

Mid Table Obscurity – I know Clough has said it but it is genuinely nice to be closing the season out without any must win relegation matches or calls to rip the squad up. The fact that the players are still going full tilt makes it even ore enjoyable. Good effort everyone, now lets take it on.

Tom Carroll– I can only assume that Clough bought Carroll in because he thought Green and perhaps Bailey were leaving. What I do know is that results went down the toilet as soon as he went into our midfield. No doubt technically gifted, Tom just isn’t ready for the rigours of the Championship just yet. Not one of Nigel’s better moves, when we were screaming for some full back cover.

"....and now i'm going to burn it". Chris returns to his Bebo roots with controversial online video.

Director of Football Saga – After a year of talking about it and very nearly appointing Ross Wilson from Watford, it seems Clough has won the day and we are now going to delegate tasks within the club. Much ado about nothing.

Leicester City – Every time we have played Leicester in recent history they look like a cracking team and absolutely smash us up. Then they go and lose to Barnsley or Peterborough. We need to break this hex next season.    

Chris Maguire – Currently smashing it up for Pompey, he’s obviously a decent player who has clearly got himself on Clough’s notorious “shit list”. Even when saying his form was good for everyone, Clough’s final point was “………and it might attract some further interest in the summer.” Bye.

The Doughty Incident – The Doughty chants were bang out of order and did nothing for the good name of Derby County. However the way forest fans and their vile manager jumped on them to deflect the attention away from our victory was just poor form. I can only assume that doing Helicopter impressions about Matthew Harding, singing “let him die” to our seriously injured captain and singing racist abuse to Leicester fans is just good clean cheeky football banter.


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